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Do you work with women yourself and want to share how you do that and why it’s important to you?

Have you got an opinion about something currently in the news which you feel needs to be spoken about in the context of feeding our souls and owning our truth?

Submit a blog or article and we will publish it here on The Soul Fed Woman platform, within our community and across social media.

?NONE of us are competitors
?NONE of us are taking clients or business or happiness away from anyone else
?There is NO SUCH THING as lack

I foresee a world where women stand together to support, encourage, nurture, empower and raise up (rather than pulling down, belittling, criticizing and blaming)

And I also foresee The Soul Fed Woman becoming a platform as influential as the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and Mind Valley (just putting that one out there Universe….!)

Topics of interest:

Think about what a Soul Fed Woman means for you and the topics which would help her become that woman

Mindset, female empowerment, body image, business, money, relationships, spirituality, cooking, travel, families, parenting, health and wellness, mindfulness

Please note that The Soul Fed Woman is weight neutral and, therefore, articles about weight loss or dieting WILL NOT be published. Any reference within an article to losing weight or dieting will also result in those articles not being published.


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