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I’ll show you how to stop binge eating, over eating and yo yo dieting in a way that goes against EVERYTHING you’ve been taught!

Founded in 2017 by Rachel Foy, Soul Fed Woman® is a groundbreaking, fiercely empowering brand designed to liberate 40+ women from the shackles of diet culture and food obsession.

Soul Fed Woman® is revolutionising the way we engage with food and ourselves.

And we’re not just questioning the status quo; we’re ripping it apart!!

Let’s get something straight: food is NOT the enemy.

Diet culture has had us believe that if we control our food, we control our happiness through the size of our body — which is BS!

These misleading ideals and manipulative marketing strategies prey on the vulnerable, selling the toxic narrative that restrictive eating results in slimness which equates to happiness; all that is required is willpower, discipline and self control — without ever tackling the root causes of emotional overeating, food obsession and binge eating.

Our ReWire Your Weight Method dives deep to uproot limiting beliefs, heal emotional wounds, and empower individuals to reclaim their relationship with food, their body — and, most importantly, with themselves.

At Soul Fed Woman® you don’t just survive; you thrive.

It’s time to call out the flaws in the weight loss narrative and put the power back where it belongs: in YOUR hands.

Take a seat gorgeous one…’re at the right table!


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Discover The 7 Steps To Stopping Binge Eating, Emotional Eating + Food Obsession That Helped Me Find My Own Food Freedom After 14 Years Of Food Controlling My Life

Forget willpower. Forget self control. Forget discipline.

If you want a normal relationship with food, you’ve gotta do things differently.

Here’s where you start.

At the heart of the ReWire Your Weight Method lies the transformative process of rewiring the brain. Drawing upon principles of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, our method is designed to unravel ingrained thought patterns and behaviors, paving the way for lasting change.

There are 3 options to work together


From binge eating to yo yo dieting – explore our 12 Module Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Food Obsession and Building a Normal Relationship with Food.

The 12 month membership is a comprehensive, psychotherapy and mind-based approach to improving your relationship with food and eating. It focuses on changing habits and behaviors around food, addressing the needs of those seeking weight loss as well as individuals looking to fundamentally enhance their relationship with food. egies.

Plus, you’ll gain access to an inclusive, safe and supportive community with group coaching

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THE PROGRAM (next round Sept 2024)

An 8 week eating psychology + brain based group program with 1:1 support to help women over 40 stop overeating and lose weight for the last time

The ReWire Your Weight Program is the solution to sustainable weight loss through a harmonious blend of psychotherapy and neuroscience, designed exclusively for women over 40. This unique 8 week journey is about losing the weight you want to by rewiring your relationship with food at the deepest level, ensuring that the changes are not just temporary but last a lifetime.


A 4 month 1:1 program to break free from the shackles of diet culture and food obsession to become a normal eater

Are you ready to stop just managing symptoms through willpower, discipline & self control and start making real, lasting change?

This 4 month personal coaching program combines the powerful techniques of Belief ReWiring with practical Eating Psychology Coaching to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the root cause of your food struggles.

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A 3 part workshop looking at the brain based reasons for overeating and losing control with food complete with a 30 day subconscious reprogramming based program designed to break you free from the shackles of unhealthy eating habits, overeating and food obsession.

As soon as you join, you’ll gain access to 3 workshops and 6 specially curated hypnosis MP3 tracks, each with a unique focus designed to tackle different aspects of your relationship with food along with a listening schedule, mood & habit tracker and journal questions.




Are you tired of the never-ending diet hamster wheel? Hungry for a taste of food freedom? Fed up that food is always in control? Say hello to The Hungry Soul Podcast—your liberation from the toxicity of diet culture and food rules.

Join me as we serve up truth telling conversations and sassy insights that empower you to redefine your relationship with food, your body, your weight and yourself!

Unshackle yourself as we talk about eating psychology, dieting, belief, self image and how to have a normal relationship with food.

 Take a seat gorgeous one…’re at the right table.

Over 25,000 dowloads, 100+ episodes, 5-star reviews. The podcast is ready for you!

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