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Discover The 7 Steps To Stopping Binge Eating, Emotional Eating + Food Obsession That Helped Me Find My Own Food Freedom After 14 Years Of Food Controlling My Life
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I spent 14 years of my life obsessed about food. I was a binge eater, emotional eater and overeater. Food completely controlled me.  Being food obsessed and weight obsessed stopped me from living my life as my thoughts were dominated by what I'd eaten, what I was going to eat and the guilt of not having 'been good'

I GET IT! I understand how much time and energy you are wasting by allowing food to be in control....
.....BUT there is a way of ending the struggle.
This refreshingly truthful and unorthodox guide helps you to:
  • Understand the reasons why you binge, overeat and food obsess
  •  Identify the connection between diet culture and binge behaviour and what you can do to change it
  •  Take your power back so food is no longer in control
  •  Quieten the inner gremlin so you feel more at peace and relaxed in your body
  •  Make food and life choices which feel easy, fun and liberating
  •  Dissolve any judgement, guilt, fear or anxiety around food
"If someone had told me a week ago how I would feel now about food I would never have believed them. Rachel I thank you from the bottom my heart" - Bev
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You CAN stop binge eating, emotional eating, food obsession and comfort eating.....
.....but NOT through willpower, discipline or self control
What if I told you there is a way of taking your power back with food which has nothing to do with willpower, discipline or self control?

What if I told you it's easier than you think?

I know what you're thinking, who does this woman think she is making such bold claims?! I get it. You've been trying to take your control back with food for ages haven't you? Years probably. 

How do I know? I've been there too and tried everything, but nothing worked. I still ended up binging, overeating, losing control and beating myself up afterwards when the guilt and shame kicked in.

In fact a few years ago I was binge eating most days, I had a terribly dysfunctional relationship with food and my body and my entire life was dominated by compulsive thoughts around food and eating.

Since overcoming my own struggles with food and body insecurities, I have dedicated my life to empowering women like YOU take their own power back when it comes to food forever.....

After working with thousands of women over the last 10 years around the world, I have realised that 99% of them are feeling super confused and overwhelmed as to what they need to do to stop fighting food and their bodies.
They have been sucked into diet culture, they have given their power away and they no longer trust their bodies or themselves. What these women need is the truth. Honesty. Someone REAL they can TRUST who has walked their shoes and knows how to break the cycle     
Can you imagine what would happen if you knew how to put an end to it all?
  • ​What if I told you that food obsession, binge eating and emotional eating can be addressed by BREAKING food rules, not tightening them up?
  • ​What if I told you that you have been manipulated and taken advantage of from the weight loss industry giants to believe that you cannot trust your body when it comes to eating?
  • ​What if I told you that finding your food freedom can be found when you don't focus on food as it's a symptom of other things (which the weight loss industry will never tell you!)
When you get your copy of The Hungry Soul you will learn the truth behind all of these and so much more
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What Women Like YOU Are Saying.....
As you can see
THE HUNGRY SOUL has already empowered countless women around the world take their power back with food...

Are You Next?!?
If food CONTROLS you then you 
NEED this book
Imagine if NOW is your time to transform your relationship with food and your body….

Where you can have chocolate in the house for weeks on end

Where you almost forget what you ate today as food is no longer an obsession

Where you can’t remember the last time you binged or felt out of control around food

Can you imagine how that would be??

Back in 2004, I had reached the peak of my own dysfunctional relationship with food and my body and I remember sat on the floor of my apartment, having inhaled an entire box of chocolate breakfast cereal, crying my eyes out, just wishing it would all stop.

The obsession, the calorie counting, the guilt, the fear, the panic, the anxiety, the dieting. All of it. I wanted a way out of this destructive cycle I had been in for around 14 years. 

Fast forward some years later and I finally found my food freedom. I stopped binging and calorie counting, my body hatred dissolved and I found peace with who I was (cellulite, stretch marks and wobbly bits included.) Today I no longer obsess or count calories. I can’t remember the last time I binged. I have no idea what I weigh even during and after my two pregnancies. I adore cake and sometimes have it for breakfast and I never ever feel guilty about anything I choose to eat.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my life working with women, helping them understand that their relationship with food and their bodies is far more symbolic and metaphorical than they realise and I’ve trained and studied with some of the leading experts in their fields in order to facilitate the greatest level of transformation and freedom possible for everyone I work with.

I’m an eating psychology mentor. 
I’m a female empowerment coach. 
I'm an anti-diet teacher.
And I’m a mum to two small children, one of which is a daughter. I talk more about why that is so relevant for you in the book.

In The Hungry Soul I share with you how you can use my experience, both personal and professional to learn and understand how to heal your struggle with food, feed your own hungry soul and find yourself again, your true self and not the ‘slimmer’ one you think you need to be in order to be happy.

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5* Reviews on Amazon!

What would it mean for you to stop binge eating, emotional eating 
and food obsession?
  • ​To stop stressing + worrying about food
  •  To feel at ease around food and no longer worry about losing control or binging
  •  To feel confident going to places where food is available as you know you won't eat yourself into oblivion
  •  To feel free and liberated that food is no longer at the forefront of your every waking moment
I'm on a mission to help 1 MILLION women free themselves from addictive eating, binge eating and food obsession by 2025
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The Hungry Soul!
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I take you through the process of EFT also known as tapping and show you how you can use it around emotional eating
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Helping you integrate and reprogram your mind around the concepts in the Hungry Soul Book so that eating becomes easy
Use with STEP 6 in the book 

Helping you identify and tune into your own soul hungers
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Order your copy now from any of these listed book sellers and receive exclusive bonuses which are accessed through the book! 
Placing a Bulk Order for 5+ books? CLICK HERE
I know how much time, energy and life you are wasting on fighting food and yourself as I used to be just like YOU. I don't want that for you anymore. I know how to help you find your freedom.

So from the bottom of my heart I want to help you end this struggle.

I've set myself a challenge to help 1 MILLION women free themselves from addictive eating, binge eating and food obsession by 2025.

Get the book, read it from cover and cover and I PROMISE you won't regret it.

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