You Are Already Enough

So many ambitious, high achieving and successful women still don’t feel enough. Despite their achievements. Despite their successes. Despite their amazing-ness!

Feeling enough is not something which we can buy though.

Nor can we obtain, earn or find it by ‘doing’ more, ‘pushing’ harder or searching for it externally.


Feeling enough doesn’t come from slimming down, restricting how you eat and working out 5 times a week.

Feeling enough doesn’t come from weighing and measuring your body and scrutinizing every stretch mark, scar and wobbly bit and wishing they weren’t there

Feeling enough doesn’t come from sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, alcohol free living.

Feeling enough doesn’t come from that little black dress or those skinny jeans you are desperate to squash your body in to, no matter what you have to do in order for that to happen

Feeling enough doesn’t come from the external validation which perhaps you are seeking at the moment. It doesn’t come from a parent, partner, child, friend, colleague or client.

Feeling enough doesn’t grow with the amount of praise you receive nor does it diminish with criticism

Feeling enough cannot be obtained by pushing, punishing and hating yourself into changing who you are

Feeling enough cannot be bought, earned or rewarded.

Shoes, clothes and accessories won’t help with the enough-ness nor will the shopping sprees or the designer handbags.

Feeling enough cannot be found in the 100th course or program you’ve just invested in as you have fear of missing out if you don’t

It doesn’t come from wealth, money, qualifications and rewards or any other external measures of success which you may have put in place for measuring yours.

In fact being enough has nothing to do with success or failure, despite what you might think.

Feeling enough doesn’t grow with your bank account. In either direction. Up or down

Being enough won’t be found in perfectionism, control or the extensive collection of ‘to do’ lists you have

It cannot be obtained by having an immaculate house, perfect interiors or a spotless kitchen

Feeling enough won’t appear when you have the perfect partner or the perfect family unit

Feeling enough also doesn’t show up as soon as you are no longer single

Feeling enough can’t be found by comparing yourself to anyone. Wishing you were more like ‘them’. Being like they are, doing what they do.

Feeling enough can’t be found in multi tasking to the extreme. Trying to be the ‘prefect’ mum, partner, wife, boss, business owner. Someone to everyone but yourself.

Feeling enough won’t be found in doing. Doing more. Doing harder. Pushing harder.

Being and feeling enough cannot be found by doing anything.

It’s never about the ‘doing’ or the ‘having’ or the ‘achieving’

It’s a state of being.

An inner knowing on a soul level.

It’s something we have to re-find.

Especially when we’ve spent a lifetime searching for it in different places other than within ourselves.

It’s something we have to claim.



It’s already in you.

It’s already who you are.

You are already enough.

Stop seeking ways to measure your enough-ness

You already are enough.


Just. As. You. Are.

Perfectly imperfect.

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