You’ve been there multiple times over the years. Starting over. Again. Time to be good and eat perfectly. Get back on track. Stick to the plan. Again.

You start with such enthusiasm, telling yourself you can do it this time. You take snacks to work which are allowed and promise yourself not to eat anything which you shouldn’t. You’re going to give it 100%.

So you eat the ‘good’ food and say no to the ‘bad’ food, feeling quite proud of yourself for the first few days

But then for some unknown reason you hit a wall. You are thinking about food constantly. You can’t turn the goddamn thoughts off. All you want it food you can’t have.

Then in the blink of an eye, you are wrist deep in a tub of ice cream sitting on the sofa that evening wondering what the hell happened. Feeling like a complete failure (again), you tell yourself you’ll start over tomorrow.

Except the same thing happens and no matter what you do, food has control over you.

It’s constantly in your thoughts. It’s become an obsession. A compulsion. An addiction.

“I’m tired of constantly thinking about food and my weight.

I don’t want it to control me anymore!”

Does it really have to be that way?

Is there no other option apart from the ‘all or nothing’ approach?

Do you really have to find bucket loads of willpower, nail the kitchen cupboards shut and stop living your life incase you accidentally eat the entire buffet at the party you were invited to, just so you don’t lose control around food and binge?

And even then how do you enjoy food without guilt and shame when that’s all you’ve known for years, if not decades??

Let me ask you something gorgeous…

How often are you stuck in your head with food, desperately trying to ‘get it right’?

There are rules you have to stick to aren’t there?

You’re trying your best to eat perfectly

Trying to talk yourself out of the hunger you feel as it’s not time to eat yet so you have to wait (so you grab a coffee or diet drink instead hoping that will mask the hunger until the clock says it’s time to eat again)

You’re an expert at this! You’ve done them all. The shakes, the fasting, the food combining, the elimination of food groups. Filling yourself up on free food, low fat food, coffee, water and jelly.

You try and resist temptation so much but your urges and cravings always win, leaving you feeling like a failure when you cave in to that Goddamn biscuit….or packet…which happens frequently. Not that anyone knows. Just you.

And when life gets too much, you use food as an emotional crux when you’re having a bad day (or as a reward, or to celebrate, or to punish…..ALL. THE. REASONS!)

You think you’re to blame don’t you? Like it’s somehow YOUR fault as to why you can’t get a grip on yourself when it comes to eating. You’ve certainly beaten yourself up over the years about this believing that to be true.

But what if I told you it wasn’t……..


Let’s put it this way, if food were the CAUSE of your addictive eating, overeating, food obsession and binge eating…..then willpower, self discipline and abstinence would work. Removing the CAUSE would SOLVE the problem.

Except you and I both know that’s not true.

I’m sure you’ve found yourself at the bottom of a family size bag of crisps thinking ‘how the hell did that happen?’ more times than you want to admit.

I’m sure you’ve also had experience of being ‘good’ for a while only to end up giving in to your cravings and often in a very big way. All weekend binges sound familiar?

So food cannot be the problem. It’s not forcing you to eat it!

It’s something else.

After being a food addiction recovery coach and eating psychology mentor for many years, I can tell you categorically what the problem is.

Your beliefs, thoughts and conditioned responses to eating, ie the way you perceive and think about food, or specifically food types.

(hint: no one has ever binged on a fruit salad or craved a bunch of bananas….)

The solution to the problem, therefore, is NOT willpower, self discipline or abstinence, it’s found in learning to rewire your brain.


I know you’ve probably told yourself that plenty of times over the years, I sure as hell know that I did, but I need you to know something.

You are not to blame for any of this.
It isn’t your fault and you are not broken.

However, there likely are some things interfering with your ability to eat with ease, peace and calmness.

Things like your beliefs.
Your experiences in life which may still be active in your system.
The stories you tell yourself (especially about who you believe you are).
The events or people you still carry anger, resentment or pain for.

Addictive eating, overeating and binge eating, from a neuroscience point of view, are the symptoms of reactivated emotions, memories or events.


Picture this scene. You’re on the sofa after a pretty stressful day at work and despite having tried so hard to ‘be good’ all day and even having a salad for lunch, something snaps and you find yourself with one hand in a packet of biscuits and the other scooping out ice-cream.

Your inner dialogue going something like this ‘OMG what am I doing?? I’ve been so good today! Oh sod it. I’ll start again tomorrow.’

And in that moment no amount of THINKING will get you out of the biscuit/ice cream binge which ensues.

Am I right??

(that’s a rhetorical question by the way as of course I am. Been there too. Read the book and worn the darn t-shirt!)

Changing our thought patterns can be really powerful with some habits and behaviors but when it comes to addictive eating, binge eating and over eating, it’s not going to work because of one significant reason.

It’s EMOTION which is driving the eating and NOT thoughts so no amount of thinking will change that. In order to change the circuits in the mind and create a different response to grabbing ice-cream because you feel stressed, you’ve got to learn to change your emotional state without the need for food.

So whenever you are stressed you are able to deal with that and food is not needed or required.


You’re not a newbie to the diet world are you? You’re done them all from the fads to the mainstream ones, you’ve been on and off the diet wagon for a long time.

You’re a smart woman so let me ask you something. How’s all that been working out for you?

Sure you’ve had periods when you lost all the weight and everyone said you looked fabulous and you felt it but before long, you stopped counting your calories, tracking your intake and working out nearly everyday after work and went right back where you started feeling like the biggest failure ever.

Let me tell you something which, when I was a food obsessive yo yo dieting sugar addict I didn’t know. This was and is never about the food. Sure the diet industry wants you to believe it is but it’s not.
Following a food plan or jumping on another diet wagon will never give you the freedom you crave as they aren’t going to help. In fact they are potentially causing your addictive eating in the first place.

You and I have so much in common!

Hi gorgeous!

I’m Rachel Foy, founder of Soul Fed Woman, podcast host and the author of The Hungry Soul. I’m a Food Addiction Recovery Coach, an Eating Psychology Mentor and a Female Empowerment Coach and it wasn’t that long ago that I was also obsessed about food, hated my body and was constantly on and off diets. I felt lost, unsatisfied with everything and really wanted to feel so much happier and confident.

Back in 2004, I had reached the peak of my own dysfunctional relationship with food and my body and I remember sat on the floor of my apartment, having inhaled an entire box of chocolate breakfast cereal, crying my eyes out, just wishing it would all stop.

The obsession, the calorie counting, the guilt, the fear, the panic, the anxiety, the dieting.  All of it. I wanted a way out of this destructive cycle I had been in for around 14 years. 

Fast forward some years later and I finally found my food freedom. I stopped binging and calorie counting, my body hatred dissolved and I found peace with who I was (cellulite, stretch marks and wobbly bits included.) Today I no longer obsess or count calories. I can’t remember the last time I binged. I have no idea what I weigh even during and after my two pregnancies.  I adore cake and sometimes have it for breakfast and I never ever feel guilty about anything I choose to eat.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my life working with women, helping them overcome addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities through my own method called The Food Addiction Recovery Method™

I’ve trained and studied with some of the leading experts in their fields in order to facilitate the greatest level of transformation and freedom possible for everyone I work with.

There is nothing I love more than helping a woman open her eyes to what is really going on underneath her addictive eating and then giving her the tools to change it. Giving her hope that change is possible, even if she’s never experienced it yet. Helping her see her own strength and inner power.

Imagine for a minute, what it would feel like to ‘figure it all out’ – to experience a shift so powerful is leaves you changed forever.

Where you feel calm when eating instead of feeling a knot in your stomach and tightness in your chest (hello anxiety)

Where you know how to deal with your emotions rather than turn to sugary snacks to pick you up or comfort you

Where you trust yourself and your body with food rather than losing control whenever you are given half a chance

Where you can’t remember the last time you binged as food is just food now.

When you overcome addictive eating and food obsession, this is what is looks like

At the supermarket

Instead of avoiding the chocolate, cereal, cheese and bread aisles in fear of eating everything in sight, you simply do your food shop based on what’s on your list and what you desire to have in your kitchen (biscuits, cheese, carbs and chocolate included!)

No stress. No overwhelm. Job done.

At the cinema

Instead of buying a large tub of popcorn all for yourself as it’s ‘just what you do at the cinema’ and then eat the entire thing including the un-popped kernels at the bottom (don’t want to waste any) you choose not to buy any as you don’t fancy it.

It’s just popcorn. Nothing special. You’re more than happy to watch the movie with a drink as you’ve not long had dinner and you feel satisfied.

After a super stressful day

Instead of buying food on the way home from work as you’ve had such a bad day (too much to do, not enough time and people who have been getting on your nerves) and instead of sitting on the sofa, binge watching tv and binge eating yourself into a food coma, you look after yourself when you get home with a delicious meal which nourishes you, take a nice bath, do some relaxation and get an early night.

Who knew it could be so different?

At a party

Instead of spending the entire time at the buffet table eating as much as you can whilst battling with the guilt and shame of doing so, you simply eat what takes your fancy and do so with ease and calmness.  After all you’re here for the people and the conversations. Food is just a nice addition to the experience but it’s not your priority.

What if you were shown a way to overcome addictive eating and food obsession so food could no longer control you?


An 8 week journey to overcome addictive eating, food obsession
and body insecurities

The Soul Fed Woman is an 8 week mindset + eating psychology program and community which will change your life when it comes to food and how you feel about your body. Using the most powerful and practical mindset and coaching tools, it helps you break free from addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities whilst helping you break free from guilt and shame

What makes The Soul Fed Woman different is we focus on 3 CORE AREAS taken from

my own Food Addiction Recovery Method™

to help you REWIRE, REPROGRAM and RELEARN how to eat with ease and calmness

Firstly we focus on improving your relationship with food and your body through shifting your mindset and beliefs.

Secondly we look to improve and support your emotional and psychological health when it comes to food and body image so that food becomes just food and you no longer have the same triggers as before.

Thirdly we look at you from a holistic point of view, helping you identify what you are really hungry for in life. Food struggles are symptomatic so this is key for moving forward (and the reason why no amount of restricting or willpower will ever make you happy)

An 8 week journey:

For women who have tried everything

For women who feel out of control with food

For women who have urges and cravings which always get the better of them










You are free to live your life without always thinking about what you should eat, what you could eat, what you might eat and what you just ate. All that emotional energy can be used in other areas like HAVING FUN and LIVING YOUR LIFE!

You are able to eat what you like without needing to avoid your favourite foods because they no longer trigger binges. Food loses it’s power over you. You’re no longer fighting an exhausting and frustrating battle with your body.


And without trying, food just becomes…….easy.

The Soul Fed Woman program combines life changing therapeutic coaching with eating psychology tools whilst giving you the support and sisterhood from our private community.

Being guided and supported through this journey you’ll be able to:

Never worry, stress about or over think food again.

Make food choices with ease without your inner chatter telling you otherwise

Have any kind of food in the house without feeling the need or urge to binge on it all

Learn to reconnect and listen to your body, perhaps even for the first time ever

Go through your day without your head being full of food thoughts




has reached a point of desperation and doesn’t know what to do

knows her emotions are affecting how she eats but can’t seem to stop

is sick and tired of measuring and tracking food but at the same time doesn’t trust herself if she doesn’t

is exhausted with trying over again every Monday, before a holiday, special occasion or every New Year.

she wants to find peace with food where she can enjoy what she’s eating without the stress, anxiety or diet gremlin telling her she’s made the wrong choice

wants to stop hiding herself, physically and metaphorically

has a hunger for more out of life

This is the curriculum


In our first week together we will be starting by looking at your current relationship with food so we know where we’re starting and where you want it to be in the near future. We’ll then be working on something which is crucial for change to occur and that’s belief. Jumping in with both feet, I’ll be showing you some of the most powerful mindset techniques you can start using to address the fear, overwhelm and even doubt of starting this journey and learning how to simply let that fear go and ramp up belief in yourself and the process!


This week we’ll be looking at the truth of what’s going on. Exploring your current struggles with food and where they actually came from and how we can start to change, reprogram and reframe it all so you can move past the beliefs which have kept your stuck for years.


Diets are everywhere and I’m guessing you are inexperienced diet junkie yourself (just like I used to be!). So in this week let’s delve into the myths about dieting as I help to show you by reframing and changing those beliefs you can start to rediscover your food freedom. I also am going to teach you how to quieten the diet gremlin which will be shouting for your attention as you move away from diet culture. By the time you’ve put into practice this week, you’ll be feeling so much freer of diet thoughts and obsessed food thinking. Yes!


Arguably this is a topic which you may struggle with to begin with (that’s totally normal!) so I want to show you how changing a few things and focusing your thoughts in a different way can make a huge positive impact when it comes to body insecurities. We will discuss why body neutrality is the way forward rather than body acceptance and body love (and why personally I’m not a fan of the body love movement) and we’ll also look at exercise, self care and ways on improving body confidence


Such a fascinating topic to explore this week as we look at how our emotions affect our eating. I am going to show you how food and feelings are so closely connected that they cannot be ignored but most importantly what to do about it. We will also be addressing emotional eating and binging and what you can do surprisingly easily to take your power back around this behaviour.


Often addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities stem from events, incidents and even trauma we’ve experienced int he past. This week is a very signifiant one as I’ll be guiding you to do some self exploration work around your own undigested stories to identify anything which may still have power over you. You are in safe hands by the way. I’m a very experienced clinical therapist and I’ll be on hand to offer support and guidance throughout.


Food is a symbolic substitute for so many things which we will delve in to during this week. We often blame our dissatisfaction in life on our bodies and our lack of willpower around food. This week I am going to start helping you explore the future you and who she is. What does she want? Why might she be afraid to shine and step into alignment with her true self?


Nourishing our soul is fundamental for food freedom. It’s not just our bodes which need nourishing after all! The final module is to help set you up for permanent change. I want to help you learn how to stop people pleasing by addressing and creating healthy boundaries (whilst knowing the difference between boundaries and barriers)  You also get tools to help you shift your mind away from having food rules in the future and being tempted to return back to the diet culture.

What you get inside The Soul Fed Woman

8 MODULES around Addictive Eating, Food Obsession and Body Insecurities

A thought provoking audio lesson every week which will have you exploring, delving, uncovering and challenging yourself when it comes to food and eating. Each topic is laid out in a way which is easy to understand and practical to implement.



One of the most important parts of the program are the practices I ask you do during the week.  These practices are is designed to help you explore deeper into your relationship with food and yourself in order to bring about lasting and permanent change



8 calls in total where you can ask me anything. Got a question? Want extra guidance? Feeling confused or unsure about something which has come up for you? That’s exactly what these calls are for. If you can’t make them live, don’t worry, you will be sent the replay within 24 hours.


Access to a collection of meditations recorded by myself to help implement and reinforce the changes around food and eating as we work together


Each topic will be accompanied with a music track which represents the energy of that week. Music is a great way to deepen our connection with ourself and also with the change we are embarking on


Every time there is an upgrade you get the upgrades for free. Every time I add new things into it, you get them for free. Basically one payment and you never pay again to access the program!


Having a community where you can be authentic, vulnerable and feel safe is crucial. Surrounding yourself with other like minded women is essential for your transformation. When you join The Soul Fed Woman program you get access to a private facebook group in which you can post questions, share feedback and receive as much support as you need.

PLUS these bonuses

Freedom From Binge Eating

(value £197)

A 4 part audio program specifically focused on binge eating which comes with additional resources you will find helpful to use

The Soul Fed Woman Meditation Album

(value £19)

A 10 track album recorded by Rachel to help integrate the contents of the Food Freedom Masterclass. Tracks include Reconnect To The Real You / The Grounding Tree / Ball of Light / The Hungry Soul / Awakening The Goddess Within / The Energy Of Enough

PAY IN FULL and get an EXTRA bonus!

100% money back guarantee

If you come to this program with an open mind and a willingness to learn and take consistent action, this program will most certainly work for you.

If, however, within the first 7 days of starting the program with me you don’t think I’m giving you what I promised or what you need, let me know and I’ll refund your payment. I just ask that you show up and do the work

Change doesn’t ever happen without taking responsibility.

Doors close to enrolment








This program is currently closed. It will reopen in November 2019.

Make sure you are on my email list to find out when it does



Women who are ready to fully take their power back with food

Ambitious women who are committed and open to a new way of doing things

Women who are prepared to do whatever it takes to leave the ‘food addict’ label behind them

Women who are willing to be challenged on their beliefs around food and who are coachable



Women who want a quick fix. This will set you up for life but there are no quick fixes

Women who aren’t willing or interested in working on themselves through the practices, meditations and resources in the program. 

Women who aren’t prepared to make changes to their life and aren’t ready to fully commit to change

Women who aren’t prepared to take responsibility for themselves and their lives

Women who are closed minded sceptics

Women who have an eating disorder (diagnosed or suspected)


What makes this program different?

Several things! We focus on 3 main areas which, when addressed, help you move away from food obsession, weight obsession, over eating and binging. Firstly we focus on improving your relationship with food and your body through shifting your mindset and beliefs. Secondly we look to improve and support your emotional and psychological health when it comes to food and body image so that food becomes just food and you no longer have the same triggers as before. Thirdly we look at you from a holistic point of view, helping you identify who you really are and what you really want. Food struggles are symptomatic so this is key for moving forward (and the reason why no amount of dieting or restricting will ever make you happy)

What's the time commitment?

Although you will need to dedicate some time to the program, it is not excessive. No essays or that kind of thing (thank goodness!) I would suggest that you spend 2 hours per week with the material, perhaps a little more or even less depending on what feels right for you. As everything is online you can listen and watch things on your phone, and you have access to them wherever you are

Is this the same as Intuitive Eating?

No. Although the principles and some ideas behind intuitive eating are ‘similar,’ this is NOT an intuitive eating program as I do not teach this or in fact agree with it 100%. This is a program which combines eating psychology with mindset work and therapy to bring you the most comprehensive course to help you become a ‘normal’ eater.

Is this suitable for someone with an eating disorder?

This program is NOT a substitute for medical treatment of eating disorders or any mental or physical illnesses. If you are purging (laxative abuse, excessive exercise, vomiting etc), if you are medically ‘underweight’ or if you are concerned for your physical safety, then I request that you first speak to a medical professional as quickly as you can to receive the help which you require. I truly believe that anyone can heal their relationship with food but it starts with acknowledging the problem and then reaching out for help and support.

If you have a medical condition or taking medication which has affected your appetite and eating patterns, then please contact so we can see whether this is a suitable program for you based on your medical history.

Is this only for women?

Good question! In short, not necessarily as the content of The Soul Fed Woman would help men as much as women. However, I only aim this program at women as this is who I personally prefer to work with as women have a few different issues around food/weight/body image which men don’t. I’m happy to have a chat with you though should you or someone you know be curious about the work I do and they are male. Email

How do I know this is right for me?

I totally get that you may be a little sceptical as I’m guessing (if you are anything like I used to be,) you’ve already thrown a lot of time, money and effort towards your body and eating. However, I promise you that this is a very unique approach to helping you resolve this once and for all. Rest assured that you are not only in safe hands but also in very competent ones too, with having worked with thousands of women close to 10 years from literally across the globe. You can also try out the first 7 days of the program risk-free, so should you decide within 7 days of starting that it really isn’t for you, let me know and I’ll refund you. (You do have to show up and commit 100% to the process. Our membership hub where The Soul Fed Woman is housed shows the activity of all of our members. If you have partaken in the modules and completed the tasks being asked yet still request a refund, no hard feelings. If you haven’t even logged in……well that’s a different story)

Do I get 1:1 access to Rachel?

The Soul Fed Woman program has been created by me, Rachel and I literally give you everything I know and use with my 1:1 clients. I regularly comment and post in the private facebook group which comes as part of this program along with Q&A sessions and workshops when this program is being taught live. So although you do not get any personal time with me 1:1 I am very much in the background supporting you as much as I can. There is an option to join The Soul Fed Woman program and add mentoring on alternatively I offer personal coaching and mentoring. If you want to have a chat about it, drop me an email and we can arrange to talk:

What is lifetime access?

As long as this program is available, you have access to it indefinitely. That also includes any updates, upgrades and additions at no extra cost. When you join the Soul Fed Woman program, you have access to our Facebook community and you can also partake in every live round at no additional cost too, so you can see this is a pretty good investment for you to really overcome addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities.

Is there an age limit for this program?

You have to be 18 or over.

Final note from me

I hate to say this to you but as long as food continues to rule your life, you don’t have a life gorgeous.  The Soul Fed Woman program is more than getting your eating under control, it’s about starting to live the life you truly deserve.   I don’t want you to be one of those women who looks back on her life when she’s old & regrets not having enjoyed herself more, wishes she had gone out more & had more fun rather than letting the guilt of her binge stop her.   I would have been that person if I hadn’t received the help I did. I want YOU to get that help NOW from someone who gets it!

It’s not really a question as to whether this will help you, as it will, it’s rather are you ready to find your food freedom once and for all? You have my full support.

I believe in you!

Rachel xox

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