The Soul Fed Woman® Story - About Us

Soul Fed Woman® was started with ONE mission:

to empower WOMEN OVER 40 to have a normal relationship with food & THEIR BODY and radically transform and improve their relationship with themselves in the process

Founded in 2017 by Rachel Foy, Soul Fed Woman® is a groundbreaking, fiercely empowering brand designed to liberate women over 40 from the shackles of diet culture and food obsession.

Soul Fed Woman® is revolutionising the way we engage with food and ourselves.

And we’re not just questioning the status quo; we’re ripping it apart!!

Where did it all start though??


Chapter One: The Awkward Teenage Years

Once upon a time, in a little corner of the UK, lived a self-conscious teenager named Rachel. Hung up on the idea that dieting would be her golden ticket to self-acceptance, she eagerly boarded a roller coaster she had no idea would last 14 gruelling years.

From slimming teas to calorie-counting, the quest for self-acceptance had no exit in sight as no matter what she did or tried……she never felt enough.

Throughout school, collage and university, wherever Rachel went, her food obsession went with her.



Chapter Two: The Wake-Up Call

Fast forward to her late 20s, our founder finds herself living in Munich with a well paid job she didn’t enjoy and picking up the pieces after a traumatic breakup that rocked her world.

Partying and drinking far too much, she was spiralling and in desperate need of a lifeline. She turned to a therapist. And that’s where she had an epiphany!

Her food struggles weren’t about the food; they were battle scars of low self-esteem and warped self-worth she’d carried for decades. Her eyes were open as she started discovering more about herself than ever before. She became utterly fascinated about mindset and healing.

Chapter Three: A Rebirth and a Passport

After meeting the best man at her sister’s wedding, Rachel moved back to the UK within 12 months…… marry him! (yes that’s a true story!)

Simon and herself settled into married life. No longer willing to sit in the cubicle of a soul-sucking corporate job, Rachel took a bold leap. For the next 4 years she retrained in the mysterious arts of hypnosis and mindset coaching. Armed at this point with a 2-year-old on her hip and another baby on the way, entrepreneurship was the next chapter and it was 3,500 miles away…….

Chapter Four: The Dubai Chronicles

This came as an unexpected plot twist! An opportunity to start her own clinic appeared and with her husband, their 3 year old son, 12 week old baby girl and contents of their home in a shipping container, they moved to Dubai!!

As a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in HypnoBand (the hypnosis gastric band) in the city of gold and glamour, Rachel discovered a recurring trend.

Many clients walked through her door, seeking the elusive elixir of weight loss. But their struggles were not just about the extra pounds; they were weighed down by their limiting beliefs and past traumas. And even when her clients had success with weight loss their self image and their perceptions of themselves often didn’t change. Weight loss didn’t bring them the happiness they thought. Losing weight was a quick fix that rarely addressed the deeper reasons for wanting it.

The connection was undeniable. The seed of what would later become Soul Fed Woman® was planted.

Chapter Five: The Return and the Revolution

After years of sun, sand and heat, Rachel and family decided the sandpit wasn’t for them anymore. Back in the UK, the stage was set. Enter: Soul Fed Woman®.

It wasn’t just a business; it was a movement that felt bigger than her.

Over the next few years her free courses started attracting thousands, ‘The Hungry Soul’ became a best-selling book, and she was featured in national magazines and press such as BBC radio and Woman’s Own.

It was clear that there was a hunger and need for what Soul Fed Woman® was all about



Chapter Six: Soul Fed Woman® Today—The Mission

Today, Soul Fed Woman® is more than just a brand.

It’s a sanctuary offering transformative programs and personalised coaching. No more falling off the wagon, wallowing in guilt, or binge-eating your emotions.

Say goodbye to the soul-crushing ‘all or nothing’ approach and hello to a life where you feel calm, in control, and genuinely happy with who you are & confident in your own skin.

Our Mission: to empower women 40+ to have a normal relationship with food & their body and radically transform and improve their relationship with themselves in the process. We offer world-class education and coaching that allows you to shatter your own limitations around eating, weight loss, body image and self acceptance.

So, whether you’re a busy people-pleaser or a recovering perfectionist, Soul Fed Woman® is here to help you rewrite your story, nourish your soul, and become your unapologetic self.

Welcome to the Soul Fed Woman® Revolution.

Are you joining us?


Empathy as the Guiding Force in Company Culture, Customer Empowerment, and Community Inclusion

We are committed to creating a considerate and understanding atmosphere within our company, empowering our customers to change their lives, and ensuring that every individual in our community feels seen, heard, and acknowledged.

This unified approach underlines our belief that empathy is not just an abstract ideal but a practical guiding force in all our interactions.


Belonging as the Cornerstone of Purpose, Inclusion, and Transformation

We aim to foster a sense of purpose and loyalty by making everyone feel that they belong. With our clients, the focus remains on ensuring that each individual feels included and valued.

As for the community at large, we believe that facilitating a sense of belonging creates the ideal conditions for transformation to occur. 



Fun as the Catalyst for Workplace Joy, Customer Satisfaction, and Community Upliftment

We believe life’s too short to be taken too seriously. When it comes to our clients, our mission is to offer experiences and products that truly light up their lives. And within the community, we strive to infuse a sense of fun and brightness, even when addressing heavier topics.

This multi-dimensional commitment to fun helps to energize, uplift, and transform the spaces and lives we touch.

And pink. We likes lots of pink!



Authenticity as the Foundation for Self-Acceptance, Customer Freedom, and Community Advocacy

We champion the idea of radical self-acceptance as a foundational principle. We aren’t perfect, we might mess up, and that’s ok!

We promote the notion that embracing one’s true self, imperfections included, leads to a sense of freedom and lightness. In the broader community, we emphasize the importance of boldly and loudly standing up for what we believe in.

This commitment to authenticity serves as a guiding compass for building genuine relationships and fostering true change.


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