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“I’m so busy being someone to everyone but myself, 
I have no idea who I am anymore” 

Sound familiar? 

Hi gorgeous, I'm Rachel Foy.

Have you noticed that your life isn't your own?

Feeling exhausted at the never ending 'to-do' lists and jobs which need your constant attention (as soon as you cross one off, ten more appear!).

Maybe you've found yourself feeling fed up of the monotony which life has become  - routine, structure, obligations, responsibilities - it's like groundhog day.

You don't remember signing up for this. 

Where did all the fun go?


That unsettled feeling you have most days is your soul telling you it's HUNGRY FOR MORE.

More fun
More adventure
More happiness
More joy
More pleasure

When was the last time you were so well fed and lit up that your soul was literally dancing inside of your body and from the top of your head to the tips of your toes you FELT ALIVE.....?

Can you even remember when you last felt SOUL FED?

I realised back in 2005 that my life wasn't my own and I'd lost myself to the expectations placed on me, the people pleasing tendencies I'd had forever and the responsibilities of a soul sucking yet well paid corporate job.

When a longterm relationship suddenly ended, I spiralled. I truly didn't know who I was anymore.

That was the start of the journey into not only finding myself but also creating a life which truly lights me up. I married my soul mate, we traveled, we lived in Dubai for several years and I now run a successful  international business serving women across the globe all whilst doing less and spending time with my children.

After having worked with women for the last 10+ years to really help them to become more soul fed by getting to know themselves again, I'd love the opportunity to help you do the same.

That's what this 5 day SOUL FED journey is designed for. 

This is a powerful and transformational experience to take you from feeling exhausted of the monotonous hamster wheel of life often too busy to even catch your breath to rediscovering who you are underneath the chores, expectations and obligations

What Will We Explore During These 5 Days?
  • One of the biggest things which most women stop doing as life gets busy
  • How to reconnect to your true self so you can start feeling happier 
  • A powerful practice to help you explore your inner child so you can understand why she is so important to help you remember who you are 

How Does It Work?

  • Reserve your place
  • 2 days before we officially start, you'll be welcomed into a private facebook support group
  • Every day over the 5 days you'll be given a small task to explore to help you rediscover who you are. This will take no more than 20 minutes.
  • ​Every evening, you'll be invited to join me for a live workshop on that day's topic where you can ask questions and join the conversation

PLUS you'll receive this beautiful downloadable workbook 
to use alongside the program

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