I know why you’re here.

You are an ambitious + driven woman who has already reached a certain level of success. But something isn’t right.

To the outside world you have everything which should make you feel happy and super content. Your business and career, your beautiful home, your lovely car, your gorgeous family and yet something is still missing?

I hear you.

You aren’t alone.

1:1 Private Mentorship with Rachel

For ambitious soulful women who want to feel alive, happy and in alignment with who they are

It’s exhausting feeling this way isn’t it?

I remember it well. Like it was yesterday.

The emotional roller coaster of life.

Feeling flat. Lost. Unsatisfied yet not quite being able to put your finger on why.

What I know about you already is that you really want to have it all, yet you don’t know how. You want more balance in your life. You know that you want to feel truly happy. You want to feel content and excited about your life yet at the same time, there is a voice in your head telling you it can’t be possible. This is just how life is now. And that makes you feel anxious and even more unsettled.

You can feel yourself slipping further and further out of your own life.

You start wondering whether you need to lose some weight to make yourself feel better. Maybe you need to buy something new. Maybe you need to read another self help book or start juicing in the mornings again. And you honestly believe that ‘until’ all these things happen, nothing will change.

You are like a graceful swam on a lake. To everyone who knows you, you appear to have your shit together. Yet they don’t see the frantic paddling which is going on underneath as you try and keep your head above water with the sea of ‘to do lists’ and wondering when things will calm down.

Putting your life on hold in the process.

Making you feel guilty for feeling this way, after all, you have so much which many people would give their right arm for.  But that still isn’t enough. Something is missing. What the hell is it?!?

The truth is we all crave things in life.

That’s normal.

Yet when these non physical hungers aren’t acknowledged or fed, then what?

We end up with the Hungry Soul Syndrome.

Feeling flat, disconnected, joyless, empty, bored, anxious, unsettled, unfulfilled, unsatisfied and craving for more.

We lose ourselves.

We no longer know who we are, let alone what we want, crave or desire.

We turn to ‘things’ to alleviate these empty voids – food, chocolate, sugar, social media, alcohol, shopping, cigarettes, toxic relationships.

Yet all we want is to feel happy, content, in alignment with who we are

1:1 Private Mentorship with Rachel

For ambitious and driven women who want to feel alive, happy and know who they are again

Satisfaction in your job or business?

Freedom with food?

Passionate connections in your relationship?

Being accepted for who you are unapologetically?

Perhaps you don’t even know (and that’s also normal too!)

Regardless of what your soul is starving for at the moment, I want to be brutally honest with you.

The answers to feeling truly satisfied, well fed and nourished will never be found in the places you are looking at the moment.

They won’t be found on a diet or an eating plan nor will they be found through restriction, deprivation and trying to manipulate your body into changing size, shape and weight.

They won’t be found through the exhilaration of blowing $1000 in a single shopping spree only to keep the clothes in the bags as you feel guilty for what you bought.

They also won’t be found in the bottom of a wine glass, a family size bar of chocolate or a packet of cigarettes 


When we can start becoming aware of what we are really hungry for in life and creating space for our needs and our truth, we start getting back in touch with ourselves on a soul level.

And life changes. the connection to our life, our body, our personal relationships, our business 


When we can start reconnecting to ourselves in a way we may not have done in years, we start to realise that our food struggles, compulsive shopping, toxic relationships and social binge drinking have very little to do with what we thought but are in fact coping strategies for our busy, hectic, stressful & often unsatisfied lives we lead.

When we start becoming honest with ourselves about what we really desire and crave, and then take steps towards it, symptoms of a hungry soul fade into the background.

When we listen, really listen to our soul hungers, we can hear the whispers of who we truly are.

Without the mask.

Without the stories we tell ourselves.

Without the excuses we are hiding behind.

Over the course of our time together, I give you everything you need to help you reconnect to your true self, identify your real soul hungers and learn how to create the space and remove the obstacles so you can feed them

Working with Rachel was life changing. I cannot tell you how much I have got from this. I have gone from running around in circles trying to get as much done as quickly as possible, to actually relaxing into life and enjoying myself.


Business Coach


Working with me 1:1 is not for everyone. It’s only for women who are truly ready to say ‘that’s it, enough already, I deserve more out of life than this!’

And if you’re a high-achieving woman, I’m guessing that you are so busy ‘doing’ that you don’t have the time, space or opportunity to listen to your soul’s whispers.

When you become someone to everyone and forget about yourself, you cut off your inner wisdom. You don’t hear what you need anymore. And that’s a problem.

You can only hold that space for so long before something gives, whether that be your health, your sanity or your happiness.

I’m your guide, holding your hand, as I lead you back to rediscovering your true self.


I’ve had periods in my life where I was an insecure individual who suffered from low self esteem, feelings of not being quite good enough and debilitating anxiety with panic attacks thrown in for good measure.

I was hungry for so much more in my life, yet I didn’t know what and I didn’t know how.

At the end of 2016, the same feelings returned and despite my successes within my business, I felt empty. My batteries were flat. I was exhausted. Burnt out. And really fed up.


That was the catalyst for major change! A massive overhaul of my business, my lifestyle and my life. There were moments when I didn’t want to listen to my inner wisdom through fear and doubt. But I did. I kept going and I’ve never looked back. My business has grown faster than before, I feel more connected to my truth and I am embracing each and everyday with joy, excitement and curiosity.

When you are embarking on such an incredible journey which transforms you from your core and allows you to find yourself completely, without fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, low self esteem and guilt holding you back from your truth, you need the right person.

Someone who can guide you

Someone who can support you

Someone who can help you see what you can’t right now

And someone who has been there too.

Someone who get’s it.

That someone is ME

My own struggles definitely drive me to make sure that as many women as possible don’t have to go through what I did.

Years ago when I was working in the corporate world, I sat behind the same desk everyday doing the same kind of things. I’d reply to emails. I’d type letters. I’d go to meetings and make notes.

Yet I’d go home at the end of it all, feeling kind of empty.

I didn’t hate it. I had some great colleagues.

Yet something was missing.

I had this hunger inside me, yet for years never fully realised what it was.

Not until I started to explore how I felt. No until I stepped out of my comfort zone and started to get really honest with myself. I woke up on morning and realised I actually didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t know what I enjoyed anymore






Many of my gorgeous 1:1 clients say that working with me has been LIFE CHANGING

Life Changing……

That’s a pretty incredible thing for anyone to say and I graciously own my part in assisting their journeys back to themselves, healing their relationship with themselves, increasing their self worth, helping them realize that losing weight, pushing harder and constantly ‘doing’ will never give them the happiness and peace they desire.

My mentoring programs give women their FREEDOM to be who they want to be and no longer feel enslaved by lack of time, being too busy and all the pressures which come with juggling work, a business and life

My mentoring programs go above and beyond any regular plan, program or schedule. They provide my clients with the HIGHEST POSSIBLE level of TRANSFORMATION that they don’t even know exists when they start this work.

I know you want that for yourself too, don’t you?

With close to 10 years of personal and professional experience, I combine science, therapy, psychology and spirituality allowing me to create the space for you to have the highest level of transformation possible.

I WILL take you from feeling lost & disconnected in life to feeling happy, joyful and aligned


If you struggle with food then I will take you from emotional eating diet junkie who is weight and food obsessed to someone who is calm, confident and no longer stressing about her body or how many calories she ate today.

If you struggle with compulsive shopping as you cannot override that strong sense of exhilaration to just spend money then I will help transform you into being someone who feels so content within herself and her life that shopping no longing gives her the buzz it used to (don’t get me wrong, shopping is fun, but do you really need everything you buy at the moment?)

If you find yourself ‘relaxing’ over a glass of wine most nights after a manic day at work (deadlines, meetings, pressure!) but it often turns into a few too many glasses, I will help you alleviate the overwhelm and busiest of your life so that alcohol is no longer your ‘go-to’ distraction from the hamster wheel you are on

If you struggle with feeling out of alignment with your business then I will take you from dragging yourself out of bed every morning feeling numb to the day ahead to jumping out before your alarm with a spring in your step, an excitement in your soul and a smile on your face at the beautiful and soul aligned business you have created.

If you struggle with having no time or space for yourself in your life then I will take you from rushing out of the door every morning with the children in tow, a million things on your ‘to do’ list whizzing around in your head and a feeling of anxiety in your chest to feeling balanced, calm and feeling like you have space to finally breath (all whilst taking extreme care of yourself in ways you have never ever considered)

This CAN be you with the right guidance, support and soul alignment mentor

Imagine fully transforming your life beyond recognition, where you laughed and giggled as much as you did where you are younger.

Imagine filling your life with joy, fun and happiness more than you fill your mouth with chocolate and wine

Imagine feeling happy, connected and in complete alignment with how your feel about yourself, your body, your business, your partner and your life.

This transformation is possible for YOU, I promise

With close to 10 years professional and personal experience working in the field of personal development, healing and mentoring, it would be my honor to walk besides you on your own journey. Helping you feed your own hungry soul so you can feel happier, more confident, more in alignment with your truth and feel a million miles away from the monotonous hamster wheel which is your life right now

Together we will walk a sacred and special journey customising the process as we go so you can find your own freedom, contentment and happiness that you are truly craving

💜 An ambitious women who is serious about having it all, finding balance, peace and happiness in her life, body and business.

💜 Open to learning and exploring this journey with curiosity rather than judgement and criticism.

💜 Committed to showing up 100% for yourself and what you want. As a mentor I am here to help you understand, explore and facilitate change. I commit to to my clients and I expect that to be reciprocated.

💜 Curious and intrigued about spiritual/soul work. There are many ways we can reconnected to our soul fed woman and being open to how that unravels itself is a great place to come into this from

Who is this NOT for?

Women who are not quite ready for such life changing transformation

Women who are not ready to invest in themselves

Women who aren’t quite ready to go this deep with their stuff

Women who are wanting a quick fix approach

Initial 90 minute Soul Immersion Intensive

A beautiful welcome pack to start us off on this journey

Opportunity to record all sessions so you can revisit them at your own convenience

Worksheets, workbooks & soul freedom materials keeping you moving towards feeling happy + confident 

Unlimited email access for when you need support or answers to a question

A personalized self hypnosis/meditation MP3 to help reprogram your old beliefs which no longer serve you


I offer 2 levels of mentoring

NOURISH (6 month) or NURTURE (4 month)

mentoring rachel foy soul work female entrepreneur soul fed woman

18 x personalised 45-minute Soul Fed Woman Sessions via Skype to be used within a 6 month period along with everything else mentioned above. This is an ideal mentoring program for the women who is ready for more.

Ready to find herself.

Ready to show up for herself in her own life.

6 Months is how long it takes to REALLY get the transformation under way.

With this mentoring program you also get my personal mobile number for WhatsApp support!


£5,000 (£1000 + 5 x £800 payments) or £4,500 paid in full (saving £500)

~ Best Value For You ~

mentoring rachel foy soul work female entrepreneur soul fed woman

12 x personalised 45-minute Soul Fed Woman Sessions via Skype to be used within a 4 month period along with everything else mentioned above.

This is an ideal mentoring program for the woman who may already be on the journey of personal development and is now wanting to amplify and dive deeper into what she already knows.

This isn’t for someone who is just starting on her Soul Fed Woman journey


£4,000 (£1,600 + 3 x £800 payments) or £3,500 paid in full (saving £500)


FREE ACCESS To The Food Freedom Masterclass (value $699)

FREE ACCESS to The 7 Gateway Journey for The Soul Fed Woman (value $395)

with the opportunity to join with the next live rounds at no additional cost

Want to work with me but not ready for such a commitment?

I offer shorter, 3-session packages for £895 throughout the year. Drop me an email here and I’ll send you some details



Why are you qualified?

Besides my formal training in several therapy disciplines including clinical and cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP master coach, EFT practitioner and eating psychology, much of my training and expertise comes from my continuous personal development and curiosity I have for myself. I have worked with some of the best spiritual teachers, coaches, healers and trainers in the world and I am constantly devouring personal developments books and joining programs and events to further my own personal journey. It’s this combined with the thousands of hours of private client experience which makes me more than comfortable and capable to guide you back to yourself. You really are in safe hands.

It’s a lot of money to invest

There is a payment plan available and I am happy to discuss this further with you. I obviously don’t want you sacrificing putting food on the table or a roof over your head, so if that is the case, then please hold off. But if it’s fear holding you back or the thought of investing in yourself *gasp*, can’t you see that’s exactly why this is the best investment you could be making right now?

Can I talk to you about this, I have a few personal questions?

Of course you can. You can schedule a free call by clicking here and we can hop on Skype and see whether we are a suitable match for each other. I want you to be as comfortable as possible with me as much as I am with you.

Deep down you know you can’t do this anymore.

The constant struggling, battling and feeling up one minute and down the next. What happened to the fun? What happened to the spontaneity of life? What happened to YOU?

It would be my pleasure & honour to hold your hand on this incredible journey to help you find yourself again. I can’t promise there won’t be tears, there usually are, but that’s because we ALL deserve to be happy and we ALL deserve to feel passionate about the life we have.

Enough of mediocre.

Enough of accepting this is the way it has to be.

It’s YOUR time NOW to start living your life on purpose, with passion, pleasure and fun.

And I would love to be there to show you how

love Rachel xx

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