The Soul Fed Woman launched in August 2017 and has grown into a community of several thousand women already within a few short months.

Our intention is for The Soul Fed Woman to become the fastest growing and most recognized platform for women to learn more about themselves, free themselves from their struggles and learn to embrace, embody and speak their truth.

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Rachel’s Bio

Rachel Foy is an author, motivational speaker, soul work teacher + spiritual mentor and the founder of the Soul Fed Woman. She helps driven ambitious + successful women wake up + reclaim their lives so they are no longer missing from it.

She takes them from feeling burnt out, floating in a sea of ‘to do’ lists and having no space for themselves to feeling more joy, happiness, connection and ease in both their lives + business whilst increasing their energy, getting their spark back and feeling like themselves again. She helps them become a Soul Fed Woman by showing them how to listen to their inner wisdom, connect to their intuition and give themselves permission to feed their hungry souls

With close to 10 years of personal and professional experience, she combines science, therapy, psychology and spirituality allowing her clients the highest level of transformation possible.

Rachel offers mentoring, group journeys, live events and one day experiences to ambitious and driven women who are ready to find their truth, speak their truth and be their truth by embarking on their own soul journey of awakening their Soul Fed Woman

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