Episode 53 Sabrina Lynn: The Divine Feminine

Sabrina Lynn is the founder of Rewilding For Women

She is one of the most passionate and deep-diving personal development trainers in the world and has had a profound impact on thousands of women across the globe.

Sabrina brings 10 years of teaching, speaking, facilitating, consulting and coaching experience to her work, having taught at some of the largest organizations in Australia (Commonwealth Bank, Tourism Australia, UNSW, BHP Billiton, QBE and WNBN). She has studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.

Sabrina currently leads international audiences through ReWilding For Women workshops, retreats and online programs. She connects with her audience through a down-to-earth approach supported by raw power and depth. Her audiences often experience remarkable transformation, healings and shifts.

The Hungry Soul host Rachel Foy interviews Anne Ferguson, founder of The Centered Mama Project on why putting ourselves first as mums is so important

Want to know more? Connect with Sabrina

Website: http://www.rewildingforwomen.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rewildingforwomen/

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