Episode 52 Stephania Sciamano: Prioritising Your Happiness

Dr Stephania Sciamano helps leaders to have the energy they desire

She combines her medical knowledge with emotional healing, spiritual truth, and a lot of laughter to help her clients create lives of purpose, fun, and highest-potential. She believes that if you are tapped into your Rebel Soul, then life becomes easier, healthier, and way more fun.

Her passion is helping her clients to really have the energy to see their missions through and create amazing change in the world. She does this by helping them to become whole again. She has a true gift of being able to identify the real problem behind what’s holding you back from your highest potential. She specializes in teaching clients to manage their energy, rediscover their wild side, and transform their relationship with themselves.

Dr. Stephania Sciamano holds a Bachelor Degree in Biology and Pre-Med from Florida Atlantic University and an N.D. Degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. She completed her residency in Family Medicine in Kona, Hawaii. Dr. Sciamano is licensed naturopathic doctor and a certified shamanic healer. She owned and ran a successful naturopathic medical practice for 10 years before transitioning into Spiritual healing full time. She currently lives in New England with her 5 y/o son. Dr. Sciamano teaches classes on Modern Shamanism locally. She has also been an adjunct professor at the University Of Bridgeport (CT), teaching Dermatology.

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