The Soul Fed Woman Meditation Series

I discovered meditation about 8 years ago whilst I was working as a clinical hypnotherapist (hypnosis and meditation are very similar) and I was blown away at not only how much they helped me ‘reprogram my thoughts’ but also how wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable they were!!!!

One of the ways to truly connect ourselves is to make the SPACE and create the STILLNESS which is what meditation helps us with.

You DO NOT have to meditate every day for it to be of benefit

You DO NOT have to meditate for hours on end either.

Find a rhythm which works best for you

This is a collection of 10 meditations to help you address overwhelm, worry, anxiety and feeling too busy for yourself. Everything you need to become your own Soul Fed Woman

Here’​​​​​​​​​​s what you get:

Reconnect To The Real You
The Grounding Tree
Ball of Light
The Hungry Soul
Awakening The Goddess Within
The Energy Of Enough
Your Inner Child
Awaken Your Inner Council
Cutting Cords
Body Wisdom (to help with finding peace around food and body image)

Right now you can get the Soul Fed Woman Meditation Series

for only £19

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