The Hungry Soul Program with Rachel Foy

For women to finally overcome yo-yo dieting, emotional eating & food obsession to have a normal and healthy relationship with food, their weight and themselves

Hi gorgeous!

Do you find yourself trapped in an endless loop of ‘being good’ with food, only to fall off the wagon again and again?

Are you overwhelmed and anxious, knowing what to do but somehow unable to do it?

Wanting to lose weight but tired of diet culture shackling you down, telling you what to eat, and robbing you of the joy of life?

Ready to tell it to take a hike and reclaim your food freedom? 

You’re not alone, and I’m pulling out the stops to give you EVERYTHING you need to break this cycle for good!

In January I’m launching a brand new program which brings together the last 14 years of my professional experience with thousands of client sessions all in one place…….and I would LOVE for you to consider being a part of it with me.

Introducing The Hungry Soul Program

Designed specifically for women like you—to help you finally achieve a normal relationship with food and the happiness you deserve in a body you desire.

Hi gorgeous!! I’m Rachel.

I’m Rachel.

Anti-diet culture and anti-bullshit advocate.

I’m an eating psychology expert and psychotherapist.

Most importantly, I get you. I’ve been in your shoes, wrestling with binge eating and yo-yo dieting until I found a way of breaking out of that cycle.  I’m not just someone who talks the talk; I’ve walked the walk.

I broke free from the soul-sucking cycle of calorie-counting and binge-eating, and now I’m on a mission to help others do the same. I’m so delighted that you’re here. Your relationship with food can change, I promise!


With over 12 years of experience both in the UK and Dubai, Rachel is not like others working in this field. She holds qualifications as a clinical and cognitive hypnotherapist, nutritional therapist, homeopath, Clear Energy Therapy® and is a certified NLP, EFT + BWRT practitioner.

But her qualifications aren’t the only thing that sets her apart.

Rachel is the internationally acclaimed author of ‘The Hungry Soul,’ a podcast host, and a passionate speaker on topics like food dysfunction, diet culture, and female empowerment. She’s been featured on TV and in national press including the BBC, Dubai One, Top Santé and Woman’s Own Magazine

Now you’re probably thinking, “I’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing’s worked. Why would this be any different?!”

I hear you. 

After all the diets that promised you the world and left you feeling worse off, scepticism is a natural response. I’m not offering a one-size-fits-all diet or a magic pill. 

We do things differently around here!

The Hungry Soul Program will be a comprehensive, expert-led journey designed to tackle binge eating, emotional eating, over eating and food obsession at its root. 

Scepticism from past failures? 

I fully understand why you feel that way.

That’s why I’m committed to delivering what I promise—read on to find out more.

What you’ll gain from The Hungry Soul Program

Understanding Your Food Relationship

Gain clarity on why you’ve struggled with food and why traditional methods like willpower, discipline, and self-control have failed you in the past.

Disrupt the Status Quo

You’ll learn to identify and call out the ineffective habits and mindsets that have been keeping you stuck. It’s time to shake things up!

Reclaim Your Power Around Food

Embark on a transformative journey that arms you with practical tools and deep insights, enabling you to reclaim your power and freedom around food

I’ve finally stopped the whole counting madness. No more obsessing over every calorie or feeling guilty about every meal. Rachel’s program has truly changed my life in more ways than I imagined it would. She gets it in so many ways. Every module spoke to me, not just about food, but about my life. Life’s brighter, food’s fun, and I’m actually living now!


Imagine a life where you’re not constantly counting, measuring, or second-guessing every bite. That’s the life I live now! Rachel doesn’t just scratch the surface; she goes deep into what’s really been holding you back. It’s like she knew me better than I knew myself. The tools and techniques she teaches are my new daily rituals that keep me grounded and in a much better head space than before. For the first time in my life, food is a source of happiness and not stress and I’m so glad I joined.


How many years the average woman diets


The success rate of dieting

How many fad diets the average person tries in their life

What Is The Hungry Soul Program going to be??

The Hungry Soul program is a comprehensive, trauma-informed approach to improving your relationship with food and eating. It focuses on changing habits and behaviors around food, addressing the needs of those seeking weight loss as well as individuals looking to fundamentally enhance their relationship with food. The program combines cognitive and somatic therapies, subconscious reprogramming and belief rewiring, all within a supportive community and group coaching framework.

It’s designed not just to alter eating patterns but to heal emotional wounds and transform self-identity, making it a holistic journey towards lasting change.

This is to become the core program of Soul Fed Woman® from 2024, a groundbreaking, fiercely empowering brand designed to liberate women from the shackles of diet culture and food obsession.

I’m on a mission to empower 10,000 individuals to have a normal relationship with food and radically transform and improve their relationship with themselves in the process….the knock on effect of which will change so many people’s lives for the better!

Here’s What Makes The Hungry Soul Program Different

After years of working with private clients and having created many group experiences, there are 3 THINGS which make the different between someone completely changing their relationship with food and their weight and someone not doing.

All 3 of these important aspects have been put into The Hungry Soul Program to help you suceed. 

    1. Comprenhensive Curriculum

    This is NOT a surface-level program. The Hungry Soul Program will be a 12 module transformative journey that digs deep into the psychological triggers of binge eating, over eating and food obsession as I share my Soul Fed Framework with you that I use with my private clients.

    You’ll go beyond the ‘what’ to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how,’ equipping you with practical steps and tools for sustainable change. It’s not about short-term fixes; we focus on long-lasting transformation.

      2. Expert-Led Group Coaching

      This is NOT self study or generic workshops with no way of getting any help. This program will include group coaching sessions led by none other than me — an expert binge eating therapist and subconscious mind expert.

      At least once a month, I’ll be in the support group for proper group coaching sessions. These are interactive sessions where you can ask questions, get tailored advice, and receive real-time feedback. The personal touch you get here can be the critical difference between reverting to old habits and achieving lasting success.

      3. Emotional Support Network

      By joining The Hungry Soul Program, you’re not just enrolling in a course; you’re becoming part of an invaluable emotional support network.

      Our community of like-minded women understands what you’re going through, offering a judgement-free zone to be as vulnerable as you’re comfortable with. This isn’t a randomly added feature either – it’s a critical part of your journey. It’s your safe haven for sharing, learning, and growing, a place where people ‘get it’ and where you can get the tools you need for lasting change, a benefit often missing in self-guided options.

      Within The Hungry Soul Program you’ll receive access to our Soul Fed Framework that helps you create a normal and healthy relationship with food and your weight.

      The Soul Fed Framework is our one-of-a-kind, evidence-based approach to transforming your relationship with food and yourself. Unlike conventional diets or self-help plans that rarely scratch the surface, this framework dives deep to tackle the issue at its core, offering a holistic journey through three crucial phases.

        1. re:awakening – taking off the blinkers

        The Reawakening phase is about snapping out of auto-pilot and taking those blinkers off. We kick off with a Mindset Reset and then go deep into dissecting toxic diet culture and your emotional ties to food.

          2. re:wiring – subconscious reprogramming

          The Rewiring phase is the crux of your transformation. This phase digs deep into your past traumas, limiting beliefs, and long-standing habits to rewire your mind for a healthier relationship with food.

            3. re:inforcing – long term success

            The Reinforcing phase is about consolidating your journey. It’s taking the transformed you and ensuring these changes are sustainable long-term. Think new habits and behaviours.

              The Hungry Soul Program Suitability

              Ideal for You If:

              • You’re fed up with fad diets and quick fixes, and you’re now ready for lasting peace with food.
              • You feel like you’re on a never-ending merry-go-round when it comes to your relationship with food—getting on track only to fall off again, followed by self-loathing.
              • You’re eager to dive deep into improving not just what you eat but how you feel about your body.
              • You dream of the day you can eat ‘normally’ and be truly happy, but find yourself dissatisfied and unfulfilled despite your best intentions.
              • You no longer want the scale to dictate your mood or self-worth, and you’re seeking more meaningful metrics of success.
              • Having ‘trigger foods’ in your kitchen without spiraling into a binge feels like a dream you’re ready to make a reality.
              • You’re keen on learning the art of honoring your hunger cues and respecting when you’re full.
              • You’re overwhelmed and anxious about your eating habits. You’re not clueless; you know what to do but just can’t seem to execute it, leaving you feeling defeated and panicked.
              • You have a busy life and need a flexible, yet effective solution. Time management is a concern, but you’re committed to making a change without adding guilt to your plate.
              • You feel vulnerable about discussing your struggles but are willing to be part of a judgement-free, supportive community that offers both accountability and guidance for a lasting transformation in your relationship with food.

              Real PEOPLE, Real Results: Case Studies from 1:1 clients

              The same framework, topics and support you’ll be receiving in The Hungry Soul Program

              Case Study: Sarah, 35 – Breaking Free from the Yo-Yo

              Initial Problem:

              Sarah, a 35-year-old marketing executive, came to the program feeling lost and burdened. She was a serial yo-yo dieter and faced challenges with emotional eating. Her weekdays consisted of restricted eating and intense workouts, but by the weekend, the emotional toll would result in binge eating. Sarah described her relationship with food as a “never-ending, self-destructive cycle.”

              The Program Experience:

              Sarah enrolled in the 4-Month “Beyond The Plate” program and was really open to the Belief ReWiring and Eating Psychology Coaching sessions. The initial “Relationship To Food Assessment” revealed deeply ingrained beliefs around body image and success, setting the stage for targeted interventions.

              Through the 1:1 coaching sessions, Sarah identified her emotional triggers and worked on rewiring her self-limiting beliefs. The customised worksheets and homework assignments forced her to confront these issues head-on, while weekly check-ins kept her accountable.

              The Transformation:

              Today, Sarah has a transformed relationship with food and herself. She no longer views food as the enemy or uses it to cope with her emotional ups and downs. She has identified healthier coping mechanisms and created a balanced eating routine that doesn’t require the crutch of dieting.

              Although weight loss was not the focus of any of it, her body did release some excess and what’s more important is that she’s gained a sense of control and empowerment around food that she never thought possible. The anxiety and guilt that used to accompany eating have dissipated, replaced by a newfound sense of peace and fulfillment.

              Key Takeaways:

              • Sarah broke free from the binge-eat-guilt cycle that had plagued her for years.
              • She gained actionable tools to deal with emotional triggers effectively.
              • Sarah shed the emotional weight that had been affecting her overall well-being.


              Case Study: Emily, 52 – The Scale Doesn’t Define Me Anymore

              Initial Problem:

              Emily, a 52-year-old teacher, was convinced that weight loss was the magic key to unlock happiness and fulfillment she was missing in her life. This belief made her engage in extreme diets and punishing workout regimes, only to feel disappointed, unfulfilled, and trapped in a cycle of negative self-talk. Her self-worth was tightly bound to the number on the scale, and it consumed her daily thoughts and actions.

              The Program Experience:

              Drawn to the promise of a holistic solution, Emily enrolled in the 4-Month “Beyond The Plate” program. Her “Relationship To Food Assessment” showed that her self-worth and identity were deeply connected to her physical appearance, which became the focal point of her personalised coaching sessions.

              Through intensive 1:1 coaching, Emily was introduced to the potent combination of Belief ReWiring and Eating Psychology Coaching. She received customized worksheets, tailored homework tasks, and weekly accountability check-ins that made her question and rewrite her beliefs surrounding self-worth and happiness.

              The Transformation:

              Four months later, Emily has undergone a dramatic transformation. She has developed a balanced, normal and healthy relationship with food and has learned to find joy and fulfillment in various other aspects of her life, such as her career, relationships, and hobbies.

              No longer tying her self-worth to the number on the scale, Emily has found an inner peace that has eluded her for years. She has not only altered her relationship with food but also redefined what happiness and success mean to her.

              Key Takeaways:

              • Emily’s journey helped her disentangle her self-worth from her physical appearance.
              • She learned to seek joy and fulfillment in multiple areas of life, not just through the lens of weight loss.
              • Emily now navigates her life with a balanced perspective, appreciating herself as a whole person, not just a number on the scale.


              What Is Included In The Hungry Soul Program?

              12 Modules

              Overcome food obsession and build a healthy relationship with food through our trauma-informed, eating psychology program. This meticulously designed course combines Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, Emotional and Belief Reprogramming, Somatic Exercises, and Nervous System Regulation Strategies to provide you with a well-rounded approach to healing. Plus, you get lifetime access to all the course materials for future refreshers.

              Flexible Schedule

              I know life gets in the way—jobs, families, you name it. That’s why you can work through the program ar your own pace.Your progress is your progress, no matter the pace.

              Expert-Led Group Coaching Calls

              Get personalised attention and real-time feedback and advice in our expert-led group coaching sessions. Have a question? Ask away and get advice tailored to you.

              Private Support Group

              Become part of a community of women all working toward the same goal. The private Facebook group is your safe space for ongoing support and encouragement.

              Structured Accountability

              In our support group, we’ve got your back with structured accountability. These are designed to help you practice your new, healthier relationship with food by doing the things that you commit to.

              Regular Q+A Threads

              Stuck on something? No worries! Dive into our regular Q+A threads in the support group to get the answers you need.

              The Program Navigator

              Never get lost again. With our quick-reference Program Navigator, you’ll always know exactly where to go in the program for any specific issue you encounter or topic that you’re looking for

              Buddy System (Optional)

              Want a more personal connection? Opt into our Buddy System and partner up with someone for that extra layer of support and friendship.

              Mindset Sprints

              Throughout the year, we’ll focus as a group on specific mindset upgrades and strategies for improving your relationship with food. It’s intensive, focused growth, and you’re invited.

              It might feel like a splurge to spend money on yourself, especially if you have family responsibilities. But consider this an investment not just in your happiness, but in a better life for everyone in your life. I’ve often had clients tell me how better their relationship has become with their husband, partner and children when food is no longer dominating their lives. 

              Don’t forget I’m offering a payment plan to ease the financial aspect.

              If food didn’t dominate your life anymore…..would the investment be worth it??

              Special Investment Opportunity: Founder’s Price

              For a limited period, I’m offering a special Founder’s Price for this brand new program starting in January that you won’t want to miss (and won’t be repeated)

              The Founder’s Price gives you a significant saving off the eventual price – PLUS when you join us as a founder, you also get lifetime access to the program, updates, support group and group coaching sessions*

              (*members joining The Hungry Soul Program from 2024 will pay £47/month or $59/month – 3 month minimum commitment, cancel anytime)

               Early Bird Extras 

              Enrol now, and you’ll also receive:

              • Overcome Overeating – The 30-Day Hypnosis Reset: Start your journey by reprogramming your subconscious around eating
              • Freedom From Binge Eating course – 4 modules focused on shifting mindset, improving self trust and giving you strategies so you understand why you binge and the tools to help you overcome it
              • Access To Our Support Group: A safe space for real-time help for anything that comes up before we start in January. The program might not be starting for a few months but you’re already part of our community and family!

              Exclusive Bonuses for Pay-In-Full 

              If you choose to pay the full amount upfront, you’ll also receive three amazing bonuses:

              • The Sugar Cravings Workshop: Tame that sweet tooth for good with this eating psychology and tapping workshop!
              • EFT or Tapping Workshop for Binge Eating and Body Insecurities: Get hands-on tools to manage emotional eating and improve your body image.


              Q: How long is the program?

              A: The Hungry Soul Program consists of 12 modules with on going support + coaching designed to give you ample time for learning, reflection, and growth. 

              Q: Why is it starting in January?

              A: I’ll be building the program with you in real time! Each week I’ll be recording and creating the modules, tools, workshops and more. I’m also open to feedback and suggestions along the way so you can ask for things and help us create the best program available to help get rid of food obsession and binge eating!

              Q: What if I can’t attend the group coaching calls live?

              A: No worries! All group coaching calls will be recorded, so you can catch up at your convenience. The days and times will vary and you’ll be given notice. This is to accommodate the different time zones of people in our program. 

              Q: Is the program suitable for those who have been in therapy before?

              A: Absolutely. The program complements traditional therapy and can be a powerful next step in your recovery journey. However, it should not replace professional medical advice.

              Q: How is this program different from other binge eating/over eating courses?

              A: The Hungry Soul Program is holistic and rooted in neuroscience, covering not just the symptoms but also the root psychological, emotional and subconscious triggers. Plus, it offers a variety of support features like expert-led group coaching, lifetime access, and a robust support community.

              Q: Will I lose weight?

              A: If you are not at your optimal weight that is right for you, this program will help with that. For some of our members weight loss is something they want and using the tool and resources within The Hungry Soul helps with their weight loss journey.  We focus on changing and improving your relationship to food and I’ve found that if someone has excess weight to let go of, this is the first step of that process, it’s NOT through deprivation, pushing, self judgement or self hatred.

              Q: What is a “Mindset Sprint”?

              A: Mindset Sprints are intensive, focused periods throughout the year where we, as a group, tackle specific aspects of improving your relationship with food and upgrading your mindset.

              Why this? Why now?

              I know from experience that when bumps along the road happen, as they often do, having support and expert guidance is crucial to not allow those bumps to spiral out of control.

              Paralysed by choice? Confused what you actually need to do to have a normal relationship with food & be the optimal weight that is right for you??

              I know.

              There are endless philosophies on food, eating, weight loss and overcoming binge eating out there. 

              But the Hungry Soul Program isn’t just another “theory”; it’s a practical, holistic approach backed by years of expertise and success stories groundedin scientifically validated and proven neuroscientific techniques.


              Ready to Transform Your Relationship with Food & your weight?

              Sign Up for The Hungry Soul Program Today At The Founder’s Price of ONLY £349 for LIFETIME ACCESS!

              From January 2024 this will be £47 or $59 per month – minimum 3 month committment, cancel anytime

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