walk away from decades of emotional overeating, food obsession, sugar cravings & guilt without willpower, self control or self discipline!

Free 5 day course 12th - 16th June 2023
Hi gorgeous, I'm Rachel Foy.

After having been a binge eating therapist + addictions expert for over 12 years and seeing the results my clients were getting, I knew that my approach to helping women overcome addictive eating, binge eating and food obsession was truly unique.

So much so that I started sharing it in this 5 day free program!

I've since helped 7,000+ women use this exact approach so they could find peace with food, no matter how many years they had been struggling
I have hundreds of comments like these, take a look:
If that's something that you want to experience for yourself when it comes to food and eating, what are you waiting for?

What You'll Learn Over 5 Days

  • One of the most powerful mindset shifts which helps busy professional women like you make binge eating a thing of the past
  • How to change your feelings around food so you no longer feel out of control with it
  • ​An eating psychology tool which stops cravings, binge eating and food obsession immediately (even if you think you've tried everything!

How does it work?

  • Reserve your place
  • 2 days before we officially start, you'll be welcomed into a private facebook support group 
  • Every day over the 5 days you'll be given a small task to explore to help you change your relationship to food. This will take no more than 20 minutes.
  • ​Every evening at 8pm (UK time), we have a 60 minute workshop inside our private facebook group on that day's topic to help you never binge again
So many women who have taken part in this program, have walked away from decades of binging and food obsession using what they learned:

If you are tired of constantly thinking about food and your weight all the time,
wondering why you struggle with food, despite being successful in other areas,
and you want to find a way to overcome emotional overeating, food obsession and addictive eating, so you can leave the 'binge eater' label behind

Then this program will help you massively! 
12TH - 16TH JUNE 2023!

By the end of the 5 days you'll feel more at peace with food than you thought possible

What do you say? Want to join us??
Although Rachel has worked extensively with disordered eaters, this free program is not suitable for anyone who is actively being treated for an eating disorder. Members of the program can be removed at our discretion. This program is not a substitute for medical care and treatment and by signing up for this free program you are confirming that you are not actively being treated for an eating disorder or already under the care of a mental health team.

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