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Soul Hunger Meditation
Reconnect To You
Waken Your Inner Guidance 

Food and the soul fed woman. How to stop emotional eating, binging, weight obsession, dieting

Food + The Soul Fed Woman

Why do so many ambitious and driven women struggle with food? Emotional eating. Binging. Food obsession. Weight fixation. I’ve seen them all and struggled with them all personally too. In this workshop I want to explain the reasons WHY we have this dysfunction around food, WHAT we can do about it and the STEPS you can start taking to find your own food freedom whilst becoming a soul fed woman.

Join Our Free Workshop on becoming a Soul Fed Woman

Learn 5 simple soul and spiritual focused practices of the Soul Fed Woman that will:

> increase your happiness
> reduce overwhelm
> help you find yourself again
(and grow your business, have a greater impact with your work and make more money doing so)

Did somebody say chakra?

In this free workshop, Rachel will talk you through this incredible energy system which reveals so much about you, your body and your energy
> Understand what they are
> Learn their importance in growing your business and getting to know yourself
> Identify which chakras are imbalanced (and why that’s important to know)

Are you Fighting Food?

A symptom of having a hungry soul is fighting with food and our bodies. As women we often feel under pressure to be slim, to eat a certain way and to be ‘perfect’ in appearance, business and food choices. If you find yourself turning to food at the moment to ‘numb out’ then this training series will help you address what’s REALLY going on and how you can find the happy ground when it comes to food and emotions.

HELP! I’m Overwhelmed

Becoming a Soul Fed Woman involves the plate spinning to stop, giving yourself the time and space to breath and address any underlying overwhelm.

We have a powerful video to share with you on how you can use tapping/EFT to get rid of overwhelm within minutes. It works every time!

Intuition Checklist

Unsure how to ‘know’ that it’s your intuition guiding you. We’ve put together a handy little guide on what to look out for, what questions to ask and a few tips on how to get clear


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