21 Day Food Freedom REBOOT by Rachel Foy









Do you ever feel like you just need a complete REBOOT of your mind when it comes to eating?!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, like your iPhone or your PC, you could in effect press “ctrl+alt+delete” and reset everything!

The more we struggle with food and our bodies, the more confused we get, the more overwhelmed we feel and the more we beat ourselves up for not ‘sticking to the plan’.

I know. I used to do the same. For 14 years.

What you are doing right now isn’t working for you though is it? Like honestly, it isn’t. If it were then you wouldn’t be here reading this as you would be by definition a ‘normal’ eater…..so you wouldn’t be an emotional eater, a binge eater, an over eater, a food obsessive or a food addict and you wouldn’t ever feel guilty or anxious about what you were eating.

You wouldn’t weigh yourself, you probably wouldn’t even know what you weigh and you wouldn’t put yourself through those horrific diets where you can only drink protein shakes which, at best, taste like chalk blended with milk.

So this struggle, this fight, this yo-yo-ing, this feeling inadequate and blaming yourself……how’s that working for you?

I’m sure you’ve tried willpower.  I know you’ve tried restriction and avoidance (no ‘bad’ foods in your cupboards when you are trying to be be ‘good) You’ve probably also tried self discipline and self control (turning your head as you walk past the bakery or pretending you don’t want a piece of cake when everyone else is tucking in….)

The trouble with that approach is, honestly, it WON’T EVER WORK. It’s flawed from the offset. In fact, that approach is actually feeding (pun intended) the problem.

So if willpower, discipline, self control and restriction are NOT the solution……


Right now you have SO MANY beliefs and stories around food and your body.

None of which are serving you or helping you. Guaranteed.

Beliefs about how to eat, what to eat, when to eat. Beliefs about weight loss. Beliefs about body image. Beliefs about self worth and self esteem.

Yet you aren’t aware of most of this. These are all your programs running in the background, like a computer, except they are CONTROLLING THE SHOW.

They are controlling how you think. How you feel. How you act.

Knowing what I now know about food, eating, body image and how the mind works, it’s completely possible to REBOOT those beliefs.

Change those stories.

Shift your perspective so you CAN find food freedom and no longer be hung up on the number on the scales.

With the right kind of guidance and expertise, anything is possible in a short time.

It takes at least 21 days for a new habit/behaviour to start sticking and that’s why we get so frustrated with change as we want it NOW, when really all we need to do is be a little more patient with ourselves.

I don’t do surface layer stuff.

It’s pointless.

You’ll end up back where you started and you know I don’t want that for you. Plus it will leave you feeling critical of yourself and I certainly don’t want that for you. I’m part of your solution, not the cause.

Anyway, I was thinking how I could best HELP you,



GUIDE you and give you ALL the MINDSET training too….

…..THIS appeared……..




Every single day for 21 days, you will get something from me in a private facebook group (also sent to your email)

  • it could be a challenge for the day
  • it could be a journal prompt
  • it could be something I want you to do which will push your comfort zones
  • it could be a meditation to listen to
  • it could be a little video to watch
  • it could be anything!!!


Each week you will also receive a work booklet for that week (so 3 in total) where you can scribble things down, keep track of each day and use as a journal if you want to.


You receive an invitation to our exclusive facebook group reserved for members of The 21 Day Food Freedom REBOOT



3 group calls in our facebook group with me to answer any questions and for us to delve deeper into the 21 day challenges

BONUS #2 – Quit Your Sugar Cravings Workshop (worth £97) 

I’ll give you free access to this exclusive workshop I did last year on how to heal and address sugar cravings using EFT/tapping. This is such a powerful workshop and I explain what cravings actually are, why we have them and how to you can get rid of them fast without restricting or denying yourself anything!

This is designed for anyone who answers ‘YES’ to ANY of these questions.

  • Do you obsess about food (what you are eating, what you shouldn’t have eaten, what you will be eating later?)
  • Do you spend too much time worrying about your weight and wishing you were slimmer?
  • Do you find yourself eating when stressed, worried, overwhelmed, anxious and any other human emotion?
  • Do you often feel guilty about food in terms of what you are eating, the choices and the quantity?
  • Do you ever eat in secret hoping that no one will ever find out?
  • Have you tried every diet out there and feel even more confused about what you should be doing?
  • Have you spent far too long on eating plans and diet programs and yet don’t feel any happier for it?
  • Do you weigh yourself at least once a day?
  • Do you secretly believe that if you could just sort your shit out with food and your weight, then life would be so much better and you would be so much happier?

Daily challenges to help you stop fighting food and your body

Support like you’ve never had before

A feeling of freedom after 21 days like you’ve never had before

A complete shift in mindset around food, eating, dieting and your body

A belief in yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to and you are a bloody powerful individual!

Well I could charge you the equivalent of that amount of time which my 1:1 clients would pay…. but I won’t.

I’m committed to making this level of food freedom available to EVERYONE.

So for 21 days of daily support, challenges and mindset, work booklets and our support group, your investment is…..

£49 or $69 JOIN NOW

21 days of daily support, mindset and accountability

(This is the last chance to join this program at this price. It is going up to £97 on May 1st)

Imagine how your relationship with food and yourself could be so different in 21 days time?? Imagine no longer fighting with food and your body? Imagine feeling so much more calmer and confident? It’s totally possible and it starts with the 21 day Food Freedom REBOOT.

See you over there!

Rachel x

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