Food Freedom Mentoring

Imagine being that women who feels calm around food and who is free from obsessive food thoughts

Who feels sexy and confident without restricting what she eats and where binging is a thing of the past 

Who no longer turns to food as an emotional crux to cope with the stresses of her busy life

The woman who is no longer held back by the guilt or shame of overeating (often in secret)

She has head space to live the life she hungers for as she has freedom from addictive eating and food obsession.

She can breathe

Welcome to my private mentoring program, FREEDOM which has helped countless professional women from around the world free themselves from addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities so they can live a life which fills them up.

FREEDOM is the personalised transformational mindset and eating psychology mentoring program which will change your life when it comes to food and how you feel about your body.

If you want to overcome food obsession, binge eating and overeating permanently and strengthen your body confidence….

…. let’s work together to make that happen so much easier and faster than if you try and figure it out on your own

I know you frequently catch yourself saying things like…

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why can’t I just stop eating?”

“I’m successful in so many areas so why can’t I figure out my food?”

“I’ve got an apple in my bag, why have I just bought a chocolate bar?”

“I can’t go to that restaurant tonight, I’m being good on my diet”

“I’m going to try really hard from now no matter what”

“I’m not having sex with the light on, you’ve got to be kidding me”

The way you fight food and your body is starting to affect everything isn’t it? Assuming it hasn’t already.

Your relationships, your job, your career, your mental health, your happiness!

If you are honest with yourself, you know this can’t go on any longer, so what are you going to do about it?

Imagine a life where you never think about food, dieting or your weight.

A life where there is no constant food struggles.

FREEDOM is designed to help you take your power back, cultivate freedom and connection in your body whilst learning to trust your inner wisdom

Hi gorgeous!

I’m Rachel Foy, founder of Soul Fed Woman, podcast host and the author of The Hungry Soul. It wasn’t that long ago that I was obsessed about food, hated my body and was constantly on and off diets. I felt lost, unsatisfied with everything and really wanted to feel so much happier and confident.

Back in 2004, I had reached the peak of my own dysfunctional relationship with food and my body and I remember sat on the floor of my apartment, having inhaled an entire box of chocolate breakfast cereal, crying my eyes out, just wishing it would all stop.

The obsession, the calorie counting, the guilt, the fear, the panic, the anxiety, the dieting.  All of it. I wanted a way out of this destructive cycle I had been in for around 14 years. 

Fast forward some years later and I finally found my food freedom. I stopped binging and calorie counting, my body hatred dissolved and I found peace with who I was (cellulite, stretch marks and wobbly bits included.) Today I no longer obsess or count calories. I can’t remember the last time I binged. I have no idea what I weigh even during and after my two pregnancies.  I adore cake and sometimes have it for breakfast and I never ever feel guilty about anything I choose to eat.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my life working with women, helping them understand that their relationship with food and their bodies is far more symbolic and metaphorical than they realise and I’ve trained and studied with some of the leading experts in their fields in order to facilitate the greatest level of transformation and freedom possible for everyone I work with.

I’m a Food Addiction Recovery Coach, an Eating Psychology Mentor and a Female Empowerment Coach.

And I’m a mum to two small children, one of which is a daughter and I’m already ferociously aware of the world in which she is growing up in. A world which is telling her unless she is a certain size or shape, she’s not enough.

I’m want to share with you how you can use my experience, both personal and professional to learn and understand how to heal your struggle with food, feed your own hungry soul and find yourself again, your true self and not the ‘slimmer’ one you think you need to be in order to be happy.

Overworked, underpaid, overlooked and undervalued, after having a baby, I was near breaking point and somehow drawn to contacting Rachel for help. I was in the worst place mentally, physically and emotionally, and after a quick intro call, I knew that I could trust Rachel to bring me back to life. I committed to myself and we have been working together now for nearly 3 years.

In that time, Rachel has helped me to break free from a life time of self doubt, self sabotage and negative self talk. We quickly got to grips with what was needed and through her calm, intuitive and insightful manner, I’ve reached a level that I never even thought possible, and still each session improvements happen and goals are smashed. I’ve overcome disordered eating and am now a qualified health coach, gone from being injured and broken to competing in triathlons, quit my job and opened my own business (with others in the pipeline), from chaos to clarity and none of it would be possible without Rachel’s guidance and support.

Thank you Rachel, I hate to think where I would have ended up, if our paths hadn’t crossed.

Dani Hakim

Health Coach + Founder of Magic Of Being

What is the FREEDOM Mentorship?

It’s a 3 month coaching package using an eating psychology and neuroscience approach to help you master the rewiring skills needed to overcome food obsession, overeating, binging and emotional eating.

Using the most powerful and practical mindset and coaching tools, it helps you break free from the self destructive cycle of dysfunctional eating and food addiction whilst helping you rewire your mind so eating becomes easy and no longer the battle field I’m guessing it currently is..

What makes FREEDOM different is we focus on the 5 CORE AREAS using my own

Food Addiction Recovery Method™

When I started working with Rachel I was 9 years into running my own consulting business, a mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend – living the dream and having it all…..
Except underneath the veneer I was totally and completely exhausted, deeply unhappy and disillusioned with life struggling to imagine that this it – ultimately I was completely lost.
The trigger to contact Rachel was my 30 year long difficult relationship with food –  and I am truly delighted that this has completely changed.  No longer obsessing, dieting, restricting, overeating, just eating what I choose that nourishes my body and mind (which can often mean a lovely slice of carrot cake!)
I would have been ecstatic with this result but Rachel has enabled me to learn so much more than this.  To unearth and redefine the true me (the one that loves a good dance late at night, that loves some woo woo moon rituals, who sobs with joy when riding a horse, and has the confidence to make a step change with my already successful business to follow my passion) – and own it!
With just the right balance of care, accountability, and encouragement while understanding the pressures of the executive level workplace Rachel’s coaching has been deeply impactful and most importantly helped me to get the results I desired and some I didn’t even consider!
Susy Davis

Coach -

Mentoring Includes


1:1 Food Addiction Sessions

12 x 45 minute Sessions over Skype/Zoom to help you overcome addictive eating and food obsession

Meditation Collection

Access to a collection of meditations recorded by myself to help implement and reinforce the changes around food and eating as we work together

Access to The Soul Fed Woman Program

Free access to my group program The Soul Fed Woman (RRP £897)

Unlimited VOXER or Messenger

Unlimited VOXER or Messenger for check ins, pep talks, chats and in the moment support (Monday-Friday)


Resource Bank

I’ll give you and create for you any additional resources I feel are appropriate to your growth in overcoming your food and body struggles

Full Support

My full support and commitment to you during the 3Full Support months

This is for the professional woman who despite her successes, still hasn’t managed to sort her eating out

The woman who:

  • has been chasing slimness for most of her life
  • has reached a point of desperation and doesn’t know what to do
  • knows her emotions are affecting how she eats but can’t seem to stop
  • uses food as an an emotional crux to cope with the stresses of life
  • is sick and tired of measuring and tracking food but at the same time doesn’t trust herself if she doesn’t
  • is exhausted with trying over again every Monday, before a holiday or special occasion or every New Year.
  • she wants to find peace with food where she can enjoy what she’s eating without the stress, anxiety or diet gremlin telling her she’s made the wrong choice
  • wants to stop hiding herself, physically and metaphorically
  • has a hunger for more out of life

What you can expect from the FREEDOM mentorship

  • Peace and calmness around food
  • Feeling in control of your emotions
  • Freedom from binge eating and overeating
  • Increased self trust and self belief
  • Happiness
  • A new lease of life
  • Feeling energised as you have your spark back
  • Finding it easy to be present living in the moment
  • Reconnecting to the things which truly light you up and let go of things which don’t
  • No longer worrying about what other people think of you

You’ll be given the tools, help and support to become a Soul Fed Woman and find your freedom from addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities!

Are you ready to find your FREEDOM?

Due to the nature of this program it is by application only

Mentoring is £3600 in full

payment options available


What happens after I apply?

I’ll check your application and if I feel that I can truly help you and that you are an ideal soul client for me, I will email you within 2 working days to arrange a 20 minute call over Skype or Zoom. Once we speak we can decide on how you wish to proceed and should you want to join the mentoring program, I will walk you through the next few steps regarding payment and appointments.

Is 3 months enough?

Most women have been fighting food and their body for decades so it takes a little bit of time to unravel and change the way food is viewed. I have found that 3 months is a good amount of time for change to happen and for freedom to be found as long as you do the work, commit to this process completely and are open to being challenged in a way you may never have been done before. Some women need longer than 3 months which we will discuss towards the end of our time together.

What's the difference between mentoring and The Soul Fed Woman Program?

The Soul Fed Woman Program is my group program which opens several times per year and although I am in that with you, we don’t focus specially on your stuff as we do it as a group.

Mentoring is personalised and you receive my full support and commitment to you during our time together. If you want personalised help with transformational results, private mentoring is always the best option.

Will I lose weight working with you?

I can’t say. We aren’t focused on weight. I follow the belief that our bodies are so incredibly wise that they balance themselves out based on what we eat and how we think. Losing weight is not the solution to you liking yourself, despite what the weight loss industry has been telling you and losing weight will also never be a permanent solution as diets have a success rate of less than 1%.

Instead I’ll help you stop the obsession, find a way of eating and nurturing yourself and your body which feels easy and begin loving the body you have (it’s totally possible!). In that process you may lose weight but you may also not. You will, however, feel so much happier with who you are and have more headspace to live your life to the full which is far more important than losing 5lbs.

How do I know you are the right mentor for me?

My clients tell me that they already had a good feeling about me before they signed up to work together. What you see is what you get! If you like what you’ve seen and heard from me already then I could be the ideal mentor for you. In terms of my credentials and experience, that bit is totally covered!

If you are new to my world then feel free to immerse yourself in my free trainings, videos and podcast to get a feel for what I’m about and whether working together may be something we do in the future

Can I still work with you if I have an eating disorder?

If you have been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia, working together is not a substitute for receiving medical care and support. If you suspect you have any eating disorder then I would encourage you to go and speak to a health care professional. Mentoring is a great support alongside the correct medical help and psychological support.

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