We are so blessed that technology allows us to do what we do. We can talk to people across the world using Skype. We can see what friends and family members are doing in real time on Facebook and we can find pretty much whatever we are looking for on the internet.

Yet despite technology making the world smaller, I feel that we as human souls are becoming more and more isolated and disconnected from our communities.

Years ago women used to gather in circle. In sisterhood. They supported each other, they laughed together, they cried together and they held the space for whatever needed to be heard, witnessed and healed.

We don’t do that now.

We pop in and out of Facebook groups to like a post and then we leave

We watch a video of someone talking about something of interest to us whilst making dinner and multitasking

We scroll through Instagram aimlessly feeling less than adequate at the perfect smiles and happy faces on the beaches in their insta-perfect images

And we feel crap.

Not good enough

We start to believe that we are missing out. We find ourselves comparing our lives and successes to the hundreds of images and videos we are bombarded with on a daily basis and we feel rubbish.

One of our core values at The Soul Fed Woman is

For many of us, it’s never been safe to be included in a community of women before as maybe we experienced bullying when we were younger, may be we felt isolated growing up and maybe we’ve always felt inferior to be included with other women who we see as being ‘better’ than us.

Not here.

Not ever.

This place is for YOU as much as it is for EVERYONE.

The Soul Fed Woman will be arranging and organizing live events throughout the year

in the UK in Manchester and London.

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