Emotional Eating Program

No more guilt.  No more disgust.  No more telling yourself that was the last time you’ll eat an entire packet of chocolate biscuits after a bad day.

As the all to familiar knot appears in your stomach or the tightness in your chest, all you can think about it food. You need to eat and no matter how much you try and talk yourself out of it, you won’t feel better until you’ve eaten those chocolate biscuits (plural) or those cupcakes (plural)

With each mouthful you feel calmness flood your body as your attention goes onto the taste and flavours of whatever it is you’re stuffing in. It’s rushed and manic and quick. You can’t really say whether you’re enjoying it or not and that doesn’t even matter. You’re starting to feel a bit better. A bit calmer. A bit less anxious and overwhelmed.

Until the guilt kicks in. And the shame. And then that negative voice in your head starts telling you how weak willed you are and that you have no self control.

‘why do I do this??!’ you say to yourself. This isn’t the first time and you know it won’t be your last time.

Yet you’ve tried everything. Willpower. Discipline. Resistance. You’re tried to substitute your need for chocolate for a cup of herbal tea (like that would ever work!) No matter what you do, whenever you feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed, food is the only think you can think about and no amount of willpower will ever keep you away from those chocolate biscuits.

When life gets too much, you use food as an emotional crux when you’re having a bad day (or as a reward, or to celebrate, or to punish…..ALL. THE. REASONS!)


But how do you stop years of emotional eating, guilt and feeling like a crazy women as soon as there is chocolate in the house?

Food and eating is a stressful activity. There’s a part of you that gets relief and pleasure in diving into the biscuits or ice-cream in the moment, yet there is a part of you which feels ashamed, disgusted and just fed up of this constant cycle of guilt, shame and frustration.

I remember it all too well as I was the same as you. I would sit and eat food when I got stressed. I would turn to chocolate when I was feeling crap. I would eat the contents of the kitchen cupboards or fridge when I felt unsettled, anxious, overwhelmed, scared, nervous or down right lonely.

I tried for 14 years to STOP.

I thought restriction was the answer. No it wasn’t.

I thought willpower was the solution. No it wasn’t that either.

I thought beating myself up and calling myself every name under the sun would help. No that definitely did nothing.

So what did?

Starting to understand what was going on UNDERNEATH and the reasons WHY I was eating that way.

 I have a question to ask you gorgeous…..

 In an ideal world, what would your relationship with food look like?

Perhaps you want to stop panicking, stressing and getting anxious around food.

Maybe you want to stop devoting all of your time to food obsession.

Or perhaps you just want to have a ‘normal relationship with food’

3 modules packed with tips, tools & strategies to help move you from emotional eater to someone who has chocolate in the kitchen for weeks on end

(and it no longer calls your name!)

Hi gorgeous

I’m Rachel Foy, founder of Soul Fed Woman, podcast host and the author of The Hungry Soul. I’m a Food Addiction Therapist and Eating Psychology coach.

I struggled with emotional eating, binging and food obsession for 14 years. I get it. I’ve been there too.

So I am here to help you take your power back around food.

To help support + guide you back to what you already know deep down of how to eat normally

PART 1: The Gift of Emotional Eating


:: Realise how important the ‘gift’ of emotional eating is
:: Identify why you can’t stop eating emotionally no matter how hard you try
:: Discover what your emotional eating has been trying to tell you

PART 2: Regulation of emotions


:: Discover how your nervous system plays a significant role in emotional eating
:: Learn how to navigate and manage emotions in you life without needing food
:: Explore how stress, overwhelm and anxiety are contributing to your emotional eating

PART 3: What is really going on?


:: Learn to identify what’s really going on (it’s not always about the food!)
:: Identify new ways of feeding your soul without the need for food
:: Discover simple ways of diverting attention away from food and eating


Helping you to reprogram your mind and change your thoughts around food. These 4 meditations have been created as a powerful accompaniment to the Emotional Eating program


This beautiful printable journal contains some of the most powerful questions I use with my 1:1 clients to help explore and identify the main causes which are triggers for emotional eating. These questions are designed for you to reflect upon and use as much as you need so you can take your power back from food.


This workshop introduces you to the technique known as tapping or emotional freedom technique (EFT) which is really useful when regulating and managing emotions. You’ll be shown how to use it when it comes to emotional eating.


A quick reference guide to using EFT or tapping including guidelines on scripts and what to say


These 4 meditations have been created as a powerful accompaniment to the Emotional Eating course


Use this meditation to help you reconnect to your body’s instinctive way of eating


As you will discover throughout the program, when we have emotional connections to things (and often people), it can be very beneficially to learn how to let stuff go! This meditation does exactly that


Holding onto and carrying unnecessary emotional baggage, is a sure fire way of using food to cope. This mediation has been created to help you start offloading and releasing any emotions which no longer serve you.


A very common state of being in today’s world but one which can be changed. This meditation helps you move from feeing overwhelmed to feeling much calmer, relaxed and in control.

The Emotional Eating Course is designed to help you address the reasons WHY you turn to food in the way you do

I will walk you through 3 modules looking at:

The main reasons why anyone becomes an emotional eater

What the drivers and triggers are behind you turning to food for emotional comfort

The EASY mindset shifts which you can start making NOW which will make a massive difference in how you choose to eat

Client LOVE

This is a great course to join if you know that emotional eating is your biggest obstacle with food

(If you want a more in depth program which covers binge eating, addictive eating and food obsession,
check out The Soul Fed Woman Program)

£147 or £89/month x 2

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