Emma Toule - Soul Fed Woman

As a Certified Soul Fed Woman® Coach I specialise in helping women to stop binge eating and overeating, end food obsession and become more confident in their bodies.

I spent 30+ years of my life binge eating, being obsessed with food, hating my body and feeling unhappy. I believed that my life purpose was to be slim, but no matter how many diets I went on, I always ended up bigger than when I first started. I felt like a failure.

For the last 4 years I have been on a life changing journey working through The Soul Fed Woman® Program, healing my relationship with food and my body. It completely transformed my life, and through it I also found my purpose – to work with and help other women to transform their lives too. 

I completed the Soul Fed Woman® Coach Training to become a Food Freedom and Body Image coach, I am passionate about helping women to beat the binge, to be calm and in control around food and feel confident in their bodies. 

Using a combination of NLP, Eating Psychology and Holistic practices I work with woman who desire :

  • to break free from binge eating, overeating and food addiction
  • to step off of the yo-yo dieting roller coaster
  • to feel calm and in control around food without willpower
  • be confident and feel good in their body
  • Ready to invest in themselves
  • Willing to do the work 
  • to enjoy living life again

If this is you, contact me today for a free informal chat to see if I can help you at :


Much Love,

Emma  x

Transformational Life Coach
Transforming Lives One Woman At A Time



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