Did somebody say chakras?

Any idea what they are?

And what have they got to do with feeling out of balance, burnt out and lost?

Pretty much EVERYTHING!

Discovering and understanding the chakra system was a revelation for me as I was shown a way of really being able to understand myself, my body and my energy.

The more I understand what it means to be a Soul Fed Woman, the more I realize and appreciate the importance of being and feeling truly aligned. Not just with my message but also with my body and my energy.

There are seven main points in the subtle body that are believed to be vortexes of energy, each with their own vibration and meaning.

When energy becomes stuck within a chakra, it can manifest as mental, physical and emotional imbalances from physical symptoms within the body to emotional outbursts and feelings.

They affect and influence everything (you can work on business strategy all day long BUT if you are out of alignment energetically, it will feel like you’re walking up hill)

Scared of speaking up? Your throat chakra is blocked

Worried about money all the time? Your base chakra needs some attention

Don’t feel good enough? Your solar plexus needs some support

Don’t believe you have any intuition? Your third eye needs opening

If you google ‘chakra memes’ you’ll find some hilarious images about them, as let’s face it, talking about chakras sounds a little ‘woo woo’ right?

But what if I were to tell you that, when I started to awaken my truth and figure out who I really was and what was really going on, everything started to change.

I started to understand why I felt unsettled, I had tools to deal with overwhelm, I was able to let things go and trust in the process and, more importantly, I felt connected to myself and my body. For the first time in ages.

So if you are interested in diving a little deeper into The Chakra System and why it’s important from a personal (and if you’re a business owner from a business point of view too), you can access this complete workshop (over 2 hours) along with some fabulous extras.

You will explore:

Each Chakra in turn and what it represents for you in your life and business

The emotional meaning behind each chakra

The physical imbalances which can appear in each chakra

How to read and balance yours



Along with the 2 hour workshop, you also get:

7 x EFT/Tapping videos to help balance each chakra

7 x beautiful mantras for each chakra

Full Body Chakra Shower Meditation for the ultimate body balancer


What a fascinating workshop! I had no idea how incredibly accurate the chakras were. I had heard about them but never really understood what they were so this workshop was wonderful. Can highly recommend, it was fascinating!


Marketing Strategist

Speechless! I had been curious about chakras for a while but never found the right thing, so joining this workshop sounded perfect, and it was. I got so much out of this and the meditation which Rachel does for the body balancing is beautiful. I adore it.


HR Manager

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