The Soul Fed Woman Coaching Certification



Do you want to help women break free from dieting, food obsession and self hate?

Would you like to turn your own challenges with food into your purpose and become a coach?

Would you like to become part of a growing movement of women finding their freedom from binge eating and compulsive overeating?

Would you like to create a financially successful business helping women break free from their limitations around food and body image?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, keep reading…..

The statistics speak for themselves.

Seventy-five percent of American women between the ages of 25 and 45 report having disordered eating behaviours with many reported symptoms consistent with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder

That’s 75% of all American women who endorse some unhealthy thoughts, feelings or behaviours related to food or their bodies*

3 in 4 women who NEED HELP!

I’ve been working in this area for many years and honestly there aren’t enough experts doing this work. I speak to women DAILY who are fighting food and their bodies.

The demand and need is there but the help and support isn’t……


* survey by SELF Magazine in partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What is The Soul Fed Woman® coaching certification?

The Soul Fed Woman Coaching® certification is a 12 month comprehensive coaching course + business building program featuring evidence-based practices, created by binge eating therapist, addiction expert + eating psychology coach Rachel Foy BSc (hons), MLCHom, Dip Hyp.

It brings together 13 years of professional experience and over £75k of her own personal professional training.

It looks at and addresses all the core areas of overcoming binge eating + food obsession, specifically developed for women who want to help others overcome their food and body struggles.

Throughout our time together you will not only learn the entire trade marked Soul Fed Woman® coaching system from Rachel which she has been using with her clients for years, you will also receive business coaching to help you start earning great money doing meaningful work.

Hi gorgeous!

I’m Rachel Foy, Binge Eating Therapist, Addiction Expert + Eating Psychology Coach. I’m also the creator of The Soul Fed Woman® Coaching System. I’m delighted you’ve found yourself here.

When I was 14, I decided to go on a diet to lose a little bit of weight believing that would make me feel happier about myself. Little did I know that for the next 14 years I would find myself in a world of addictive eating, food obsession, compulsive eating and body insecurities which would dominate my life.

After having overcome these issues with the help of many incredible professionals, I decided it was my mission to help others do the same so I turned my biggest challenge into the greatest gift I was given.

Over the last 12 years I have worked with clients all over the world, including living and working in Dubai for several years and during this time I have developed my own method of helping women overcome binge eating and food obsession which has it’s roots in therapeutic coaching, healing modalities, mindfulness and embodiment practices, all of which we cover in the Soul Fed Woman® coaching certification.

Official Bio

Rachel Foy is an internationally acclaimed expert in eating dysfunction, an author and podcaster and an advocate for Health at Every Size (HAES®). With over 13 years of experience both in the UK and Dubai, she is a pioneer in eating psychology and is the creator of The Soul Fed Woman® Coaching System which helps women make peace with food.

Rachel is the author of ‘The Hungry Soul’ and a passionate speaker on all topics related to food dysfunction, diet culture, body image, female empowerment and addiction recovery. She has been featured in local and national press including TV.

She lives in Cheshire with her husband Simon (who was the best man at her sister’s wedding, quite a story!) with their son and daughter. When she isn’t helping women open their eyes to what is really going on underneath their addictive eating and then giving them the tools to change it, you’ll find her in cafes, drinking coffee, eating cake and taking strolls in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.

Rachel holds qualifications in:

Homeopathy / Advanced Clinical + Cognitive Hypnotherapy / Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Timeline Therapy / Inner Child Practitioner / Eating Psychology
Flower Essence Practitioner / Nutritional Therapy  / Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1, 2 & 3
Inner RePatterning / BWRT Level 1 – PsychoPathology 

There has never been a better time to become

a certified Soul Fed Woman® Coach!

One of the fastest growing segments within the coaching space right now is health and wellness.

In fact Marketdata estimates that the total U.S. health coaching market was worth $6.14 billion in 2017, up 15% from 2014.

This is a market which is no where near saturation!

What does that mean for you?

More and more people are looking for experts in their field and binge is a niche which I believe is set to grow.

Imagine creating a business where you had the freedom to work for yourself?

Becoming a coach is a career which is highly profitable. Coaches can make anywhere from £40 – £500+ an hour!

IPHM Approved Professional Training Provider

We are approved as an accredited training provider of the IPHM for The Soul Fed Woman® coaching certification.

Why is this important for you?

The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) has been developed to provide the general public and health care professionals with a body of regulated professionals, all qualified to accredited levels.

They exist to maintain recognised standards of qualification and practice.

Soul Fed Woman has been recognised as providing professional certification to a standard which allows all of our graduates to be eligible to register with the IPHM as a professional practitioner, giving them a listing on their world wide directory as well as competitive insurance rates.

What can I do after completing the certification?

You can use the training in a variety of ways depending on how you want to help women with binge eating and emotional over eating.

You could become a Binge Eating Coach or an Emotional Eating Coach

You could create your own 1:1 coaching program, group program, workshops or retreats using the framework and go on to help thousands of women like I have whilst creating a financially viable business in the process

The Soul Fed Woman® Coaching System is based on:

Therapeutic coaching

Healing modalities

Mindfulness + NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Embodiment practices

I’m sharing so much in this training program which I have never shared before so if you are passionate about knowing and understanding how to confidently work with binge eating and emotional overeating, then enrol to become a certified Soul Fed Woman® coach!

What makes The Soul Fed Woman® Coaching Certification Different?

Having worked in the field of binge eating and emotional overeating for over a decade, I became so frustrated that there seemed to be so little understanding as to the root causes of these issues. I couldn’t find anything that incorporated all the aspects that I do with my clients so I decided to create my own certification.

Binge eating and emotional overeating are so misunderstood in the coaching world that I want the Soul Fed Woman® coaching certification to become one of the best in the industry for its teaching, support and community. We’re setting an industry standard which I feel is important  in order to help people heal from food obsession and make peace with food and themselves.


What’s Included in this certification program?

All the content and training has been created by Rachel Foy, creator of the Soul Fed Woman® Coaching System and binge eating therapist with 12+ years of clinical experience.

This is a 5 month curriculum which includes 25 live and interactive classes along with 25 hours of independent study.

You can access the training for the certification program anywhere in the world as everything is online.

The Soul Fed Woman® Method training

This framework and structure will be taught over 5 months giving you time to deepen and integrate your learnings with the support of Rachel. Not only that but a big part of the training is also to fully embody the process and the work yourself so acknowledging your own relationship with food will also happen during this time.

25 live and interactive classes

Over the 5 months, you’ll have weekly live calls with Rachel, the creator of The Soul Fed Woman® coaching system to answer all of your questions on the training, your business and anything else in-between! 


25 Hours of Study

Along with the 25 live and interactive classes, you’ll also be required to complete approximately 25 hours of independent study and practice which you’ll access through your online learning portal

Supportive Facebook Group for 12 months

A small and supportive group where you can ask questions and share your insights as you go through the training and where Rachel will do the weekly calls.

12 months access to this is given on joining*

2 Supervised Practice Sessions

We want you to feel confident in your ability as a coach so you’ll also receive 2 practice coaching sessions which will be supervised by Rachel

2 x 30 minute calls with Rachel

You can use these calls throughout the 12 months to speak directly with Rachel around anything you like!

Promotional Materials + Logos for 12 months

When your training is complete and you have passed the assessment, you will be given use of the Soul Fed Woman® logo to say you are a certified Soul Fed Woman® Coach which you can display on your website and social media along with accompanying promotional material

12 months access to this is given on joining*


Listing on Soul Fed Woman for 12 months

As a certified and accredited coach, you will be listed on our website,, so people will be able to find you

12 months access to this is given on joining*

Signed copy of 'The Hungry Soul' book

Published in 2019, Rachel’s first book ‘The Hungry Soul’ became a best seller in 2020 on Amazon. A copy will be sent to you as part of the training as a reference and additional understanding of Rachel’s work


Certificate of completion

A beautiful certificate will be sent to you on completion of the training for you to do with what you wish.


Register with the IPHM

As this is an accredited course, all graduates will be eligible to register with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) giving them use of their logo, a listing on their directory and competitive insurance rates.

Eligibility for a paid position

Upon completing the certification program, you will be eligible to be hired for a paid coaching position within the Soul Fed Woman Program support group. 

* After the first 12 months there is an annual fee of £500 for an additional years support in the facebook group, Q+A calls plus use of the logo/marketing materials

At the end of this training you will have the confidence and the knowledge to work with clients who are struggling with food obsession, binge eating, emotional eating, food cravings, guilt and shame around food


Having created a successful 6 figure business through the work Rachel does around addictive eating and food obsession, she knows all too well that in order to be successful in business, you need to understand about business.

So not only do you receive in depth training and support with the Soul Fed Woman™ certification program, you also receive free business coaching and development in her Business Success School Program to help give you the skills to find clients, market yourself and create a financially successful business.

FREE Business Success School program (worth £1997!)



Clarity and foundation

Bottling brilliance and claiming expert status

Crafting your message

Soul aligned package and program creation

Sharing your message and being visible

90 day plans and strategy

Content creation

Beliefs and Quantum Emotion

Mindset for success


Client Love from Business Success School

I’m Rebecca Boulton and I’m a Nutritional Therapist who specialises in women’s health and hormones.

I had just taken a period of time out from my business for personal reasons and was not feeling connected with my niche anymore as I felt I had fundamentally changed as a person and was feeling quite lost and lacking in clarity and motivation.

Rachel is a very intuitive person, she really cares about her clients and gets you to dig deep into how you are feeling and what you want. She combines her intuitive work with good business foundation teaching so you not only create a business you love working in but also one that can actually get results!

I have since started working in my business again and gained 3 new clients during the program and I feel happy with the niche and direction it is going.

Rebecca Boulton

Nutritional Therapist

I joined Business Success School after many months of watching Rachel consistently grow her business and  show up online as the incredible leader that she is. Rachel helped me take my mindset to the next level which led to me rebranding and restructuring my entire business in a matter of weeks. If you’re looking to learn valuable business skills from someone completely authentic and trustable, I highly recommend working with Rachel.

Sam Eidelman

Career Astrologer + Business Coach |

I’m a big believer in the power of the mind, and tuning into and feeling into my manifestations. But going through this program was next level progression! About half way through I began to really go deep and holey moley…..the shifts that came with it were phenomenal! I was watching as my business took off and huge offerings came my way. My connections with others grew stronger and suddenly I realised I was in the middle of creating my dream. My energy changed, my belief shifted and I learnt how to fully tune in and create positive change. Rachel is amazing, she is real, honest, insightful and a great teacher. Business Success School is a program for when you want to create massive impact on your business!

Naomie Ella

Motherhood Transitions -

Rachel’s online business success school came at just the right time for me, my business has been growing for 3 years and I was unsure what direction I wanted to continue in. Each week Rachel gives you tasks to complete which are designed to challenge your mind and the way you think about your business; who you want to work with, how you can best be of service, as well as thinking of it financially serving yourself as well.

Rachel is very knowledgeable and is there to serve you while on this course. With her guidance and the support of the other women on the course I feel more confident in my own ability and the direction my business is going. She has helped me understand where my fears and beliefs are within myself and what is holding me back, enabling me to move forward and take control.

I would recommend this online course to anyone looking to develop, change, or to understand their business and how their mind is affecting it all, it’s easy to get caught up and stuck, Rachel provides the space for you to get creative and explore all the opportunities you have!

Victoria Louise Bailey

Lifestyle Coach -

The Curriculum is taught in 3 parts

Part 1 – Self Exploration

The first part of the certification focuses on self reflection and personal empowerment so you can look at your own relationship with food and your body. This allows you to start experiencing the way you’ll be working with your clients but also allows you to start embodying what you’ll be taught

Part 2 – The 7 Step Soul Fed Woman® Coaching System

Over 5 months you’ll explore these topics along with learning therapeutic coaching tools to help move your clients through their issues around food


  • Introduction to coaching
  • Core Coaching skills
  • The psychology behind addictive eating and food obsession
  • Self belief, shifting perception + clearing shame
  • The levels of consciousness to bring your clients through
  • Fear and the survival mind in addictive eaters
  • The role diet culture plays
  • Secondary Gains & Psychological reversals
  • Unravelling the beliefs and stories of the subconscious mind around food
  • Looking at the role that trauma plays in addictive eating
  • Tools and techniques to help clients move through trauma
  • Hungry Soul Syndrome
  • Rewiring and reprogramming the belief system around food
  • Self expression + Soul nourishment
  • T.I.M.E techniques for helping clients move through emotional triggers
  • Working with your client’s Inner Child 

Part 3 – Business Building

Once you’ve completed the 5 months and have passed the assessment, you’ll be able to start building your business using the Business Success School! During this time you’ll receive monthly group business calls and implementation calls along with a support group. 


This is open to anyone!

If you are passionate about emotional wellbeing and empowering women and wish to be part of a movement creating a paradigm shift where women feel confident and happy about who they are, then you’re welcome to apply.

You can enrol if you are wanting to start a new and rewarding career or because you perhaps already work in the wellness industry (ie life coach, therapist, naturopath, yoga instructor, fitness instructor) and wish to deepen your knowledge and learn new skills to help your clients even more


The next certification begins summer 2022

Total Investment: £4,997*

*Several payment plans are available.  

What makes this training different?

Over the last 13 years I have worked with clients all over the world, including living and working in Dubai for several years and during this time I have developed my own method of helping women overcome addictive eating and food obsession which has it’s roots in therapeutic coaching, healing modalities, mindfulness and embodiment practices, all of which we cover in the Soul Fed Woman™ certification program.

Is this a weight loss program?

NO! This entire certification is weight neutral and follows the principles of Health At Every Size (HAES). Some of the modules will be exploring diet culture and it’s connection to causing addictive eating so if you are a weight loss coach or dietician who works with weight loss clients, this isn’t for you unless you are willing to challenge your own beliefs! Happy to have a chat with you at anytime.

Do I need experience with nutrition?

NO! To enrol in the Soul Fed Woman™ certification program, you don’t need to have any experience in food and nutrition!!  Now I know that sounds counterintuitive when working with food addiction but my approach has got very little to do with food, that’s why it’s very unique and why I also believe it works.

We go into the reasons, causes and drivers and for that, nutritional information and experience is completely irrelevant (it’s nice to have but really isn’t necessary)

What happens after 12 months with the support group + logo use?

On registration, you receive 12 months access to the support group PLUS 12 months use of the Soul Fed Woman coach logo and marketing material.

After the first 12 months there is an annual fee of £250 for an additional years support in the facebook group, quarterly support calls and use of our logo and marketing material. Although this is not obligatory, this does allow you to continue practicing as a Soul Fed Woman coach as use of this name and all supporting material belongs to Rachel Foy Media Group Ltd. This also allows you to continue receiving our support and expertise to grow your business to multiple 6 figures and beyond.

Do I need to renew my certification with an exam or assessment every year?

No. After the first 12 months the annual fee of £500 is for an additional years support in the facebook group, quarterly support calls and use of our logo and marketing material. During this time there are no further assessments or yearly supervision sessions required as we believe that if you are still a part of our support community, that you are actively working in this field. The support group is also a place where questions can be asked and there will be an opportunity for supervision sessions if required.

Once again, although this is not obligatory, this does allow you to continue practicing as a Soul Fed Woman coach as use of this name and all supporting material belongs to Rachel Foy Media Group Ltd. This also allows you to continue receiving our support and expertise to grow your business to multiple 6 figures and beyond.

Is there an exam at the end?

Although there is no final exam, there is a case study which you will be asked to submit to show your understanding of working with clients. This will be discussed near the time.

What's the time commitment?

Although you will need to dedicate some time to the training, it is not excessive. No essays or that kind of thing (thank goodness!) I would suggest that you spend 4-5 hours per week with the material, perhaps a little more or even less depending on what feels right for you. As everything is online you can listen and watch things on your phone, and you have access to them wherever you are

Is this the same as Intuitive Eating?

No. Although the principles and some ideas behind intuitive eating are ‘similar,’ this is NOT an intuitive eating program as I do not teach this or in fact agree with it 100%. This certification combines eating psychology with therapeutic coaching to bring you the most comprehensive training to help people overcome addictive eating and food obsession.

Is this only for women?

Yes. I only aim this program at women as this is who I personally prefer to work with. I’m happy to have a chat with you though should you or someone you know be curious about the work I do and they are male. Email

How do I know this is right for me?

If you are already a coach and are in the health/wellness industry and you have a passion to work with women, then this is such a fabulous opportunity for you to do just that. Go with your instinct and let your soul guide you. Does this feel like something which lights you up? If you, I would love to have you join us.

Do I get personal access to Rachel?

The Soul Fed Woman™ Coaching certification has been created by me, Rachel and I literally give you everything I know and use with my 1:1 clients and I run the training. So although you do not get any personal time with me 1:1 I am very much supporting you as much as I can.  Alternatively I offer personal coaching and mentoring. If you want to have a chat about it, drop me an email and we can arrange to talk:

Is there an age limit for this training?

You have to be 18 or over.

I've got some questions. Can I talk to you?

Of course you can. Book a slot in my calendar here: and choose ‘Let’s Talk’

Final note from me

The world needs you. There are so many people right now who are on their knees wanting help to overcome addictive eating and food obsession yet they don’t know what to do. They don’t know how to break out of the cycle.

In completing the Soul Fed Woman® coaching certification, YOU are that solution. YOU are the person they have been looking for!

I’m on a mission to help ONE MILLION women overcome addictive eating, food obsession + body insecurities by 2025.

I’d be honoured if you were a part of that mission with me

Rachel xox

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