Private 1:1 with Rachel - Soul Fed Woman

If you are READY to find a permanent solution to emotional eating, binge eating, over eating, food obsession, food addiction, diet obsession, weight fixation and anything else in-between, I’m here to help you with that

I used to struggle with ALL OF THESE THINGS myself and now I help other women break free from them like I did.

Over the years I have developed and created my own Soul Fed Woman® coaching system which is a process I will take you through which will put all those things in the past, helping you never binge again, feeling calm, confident and no longer stressing about how many calories you ate today.

What makes my approach different?

We get to the ROOT CAUSE and TRIGGERS as to why you binge, overeat and use food in the way you do

No more questioning as to why this keeps happening, you’ll know.

And you’ll have the tools to stop it happening whilst we recode your brain and behaviours so you never binge again


What’s included?

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