The Awakened Soul - Remember Who You Are

You know that you want more out of life at the moment.

You can feel it in your soul.

More excitement. More connection. More ease. More fun. More time.

You dream of one day feeling confident in your own skin instead of waiting for external validation from others.

You have a desire to find your true self underneath all the hats you’ve been wearing for years.

You would love to be unapologetic for who you are.

Owning everything about yourself and no longer fearing what other people might think

Yet your reality looks so much different from what your soul is hungry for.

You had so many aspirations as to how your life would turn out once you got the house, the job, the family and the friends. All those things which were supposed to make you happy. Except you aren’t happy. Not really.

You are an intelligent and smart woman yet despite everything you have achieved in your life so far, it doesn’t ever feel enough for you, does it?

You find yourself doing more and trying harder. Comparing yourself to everyone you meet, the people you follow on social media, beating yourself up in the process. You can be so hard on yourself at times.

You have so many roles to fill in your life at the moment. It’s no wonder you feel you’ve lost yourself. You’ve become someone to everyone but you.

You want to be able to enjoy being in the moment but instead your head races with a million and one things and it is never quiet.

Always overthinking.

Over analysing.



On the outside you’d never guess that all of this worry, anxiety, self doubt and overwhelm is bubbling under the surface as you manage to keep it all together, until you have a moment when you’re on your own then you either can’t stop crying or eat your body weight in chocolate washed down with a bottle of wine.

You feel so lost and empty inside, like your life is drifting past and you are no longer in it. Not fully anyway

You know that something needs to change soon but you don’t know where to begin

  • You put yourself last. Everything and everyone takes priority over you and your needs. The idea of having ‘me’ time stresses you out as you have so much to do and feel too guilty if you did anything for yourself.
  • You people please just incase you might offend someone or upset someone. You often say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’ in fear of people not liking you.
  • You numb out of your reality. Eating chocolate when you feel fed up, drinking wine after a stressful day, scrolling social media for hours before bed despite feeling exhausted.
  • You live in fear of being judged, criticised or rejected by others
  • You’re always ‘doing’ and keeping busy, never feeling that you are doing enough. It’s not in your nature to sit still.
  • You practice perfectionism as if your life depends on it. When things aren’t done ‘perfectly’ it freaks you own and sends you into a spin of anxiety, worry and often self criticism.
  • You doubt yourself in so many areas. Your self belief, self esteem and self worth are not where you’d like them to be. And that self doubt is dimming your light. Stopping you from shining.
  • Probably the most significant is you don’t ever feel enough no matter what you do, how hard you push or how many successes you have.

She’s done with being silenced. She’s done with not being trusted. She’s done with being ignored.

  • She is that part of you who knows who she is, makes space for herself, her needs and her desires
  • She is fierce, powerful and strong
  • She is that woman who shines her light brightly and doesn’t worry about what others think of her
  • She is that women who no longer wants or tries to fit in as she is unapologetically choosing to stand out
  • Boundaries are her middle name!
  • She is that part of you who listens to herself, her soul, her inner wisdom and gives herself permission for everything
  • She is honest with herself
  • She is that woman who makes herself a priority, speaks her truth and communicates with integrity and passion
  • She embraces her emotions and allows herself to feel all the feels
  • She has a strong sense of self, self worth, self trust and self acceptance

Can you imagine a life in which your Soul Fed Woman is fully AWAKENED?

A life in which YOU are THAT woman and THAT women is YOU?

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that sounds too good to be true, but I’ve been there myself. Not too long ago I:

> Didn’t know who I was. I had become someone to everyone but me and I honestly didn’t know who ‘me’ was if I took away the roles of being a mum, wife, business owner and mentor to others.

> I was drained to the point of exhaustion. Every day felt like a monotonous hamster wheel which was zapping my life force out of me and stifling my soul.

> Never felt good enough. Comparing myself to everyone became a daily occurrence. Feeling I wasn’t enough showed itself in my desire to lose weight, succeed more, do more and have more. I didn’t realise I was actually trying to find external validation for who I was.

> Doubted myself constantly. Every decision, ever choice, ever idea. It became paralysing

> Numbed out excessively with food. Binging and emotional eating became my norm and once the guilt kicked in, which was fast, I’d start preparing for a diet to start the following week.

> Kept pushing myself as that’s all I ever knew what to do. When I was tired, I just kept going. When I felt exhausted, I just kept going. When I felt unmotivated and disconnected from my work, I just keep going.

> Was a perfectionist. And a ‘to-do’ list maker. If it wasn’t planned and written on lists, I’d get anxious I’d forget. I thought lists would help with overwhelm, but turns out they amplify it

Over the years, I have witnessed that when a women truly steps into her feminine power and allows herself to become soul fed,  everything can and does change for her.

This is what you can expect to get from joining me in The Awakened Soul:

  • Know exactly what you want and who you are and have the courage and belief that you can have it all
  • Feel divinely guided to your inner wisdom of who you are
  • Increased belief in yourself and your true calling
  • Feeling truly empowered in every choice and decision you make
  • Acting, feeling and being courageous
  • Finding your truth, owning your truth and speaking your truth
  • Ease and flow in all areas of life
  • Feeling energised as you have your spark back
  • Time and space for yourself in your life
  • Finding it easy to be present living in the moment
  • Reconnecting to the things which truly light you up and let go of things which don’t
  • Learn to acknowledge and respect your desires unapologetically
  • No longer worrying about what other people think of you
  • Increased spiritual development
  • Bringing the fun back whether that be in your life, your work or your business
  • Feeling calm and relaxed


This is your invitation to become an Awakened Soul

An 8 week journey taking you from tired, lost, doubting in yourself and not feeling good enough to stepping into your authentic power, speaking your truth and finding the real you

A practical and sacred combination of:

Hi gorgeous soul. I’m Rachel, the founder of The Soul Fed Woman

I’m so honored that you are here. In amongst the noise of the internet, you have found yourself here for a reason. No such thing as coincidence. Everything is divine timing.

So who am I? Well I’m a lot of things. A mum, a wife, a food addiction therapist, a soul work teacher and a business owner. I adore anything to do with spirituality, neuroscience and human psychology.

I’m also a cake and coffee lover. Obsessed about all things hot pink. And sparkles.

You’ll find me in heels and red lipstick most of the time and you wouldn’t catch me dead in a kaftan. I’m a skinny jeans kind of woman. I love meditation but also adore blasting out old school club hits from the 90s, reminiscing about the summer I had in Ibiza and I’d much rather have a G&T than a shot of green juice! I’m a bit of a paradox in many ways but I’ve made peace with that now.


Using a powerful combination of spiritual teachings, clinical therapy, neuroscience, divine feminine and ancient wisdom, I help women find themselves again through my business Soul Fed Woman.

I practice what I preach and since leaving my safe corporate job to following my own path, I have created a life which lights me up, feeds my soul and helps women all over the globe, all whilst working less, allowing myself to be supported and being with my 2 little ones at home (3 including my husband!)

I’m a little unorthodox but that’s why I am so relatable. I’ve found a way of sprinkling spirituality and the sacred feminine in to my life in order to make space for myself without needing hours every day to meditate, journal or run through crazy rituals based on the alignment of the planets!

Let’s face it, time is precious. Most of mine is spent working with clients, growing my business, drinking real coffee and eating cake all whilst juggling the demands of being a mummy (tidying, moving things, cleaning, tidying, driving, washing, moving toys again, you get the gist) and I’m guessing your life is similar too.

If I get to finish a cup of coffee before it goes cold it’s a major celebration!

I created this safe space of The Awakened Soul to support and guide you back to you and to help you realize, recognize and believe that you are enough.

It’s time to let go of the overwhelm and stop the plate spinning gorgeous.

Let me help you start discovering that you have all the answers and guidance within you to create balance in your life.


It’s impossible to know who you truly are UNTIL we can get clear and focused on what it is that you want to change. What areas of your life? What aspects fo yourself? What habits and behaviours? What beliefs and stories?

This isn’t creating a vision board by the way, this is about taking a snapshot of where you are, with honesty, in order for us to build upon over the rest of the journey. I’ll teach you a way of getting to your truth instantly, even if you don’t believe you know who you are or what you want!


What blocks are in your way? Identify the limiting beliefs, stories and behaviours which have kept you stuck and learn how to change them quicker than you thought possible.

To become an Awakened Soul we are going to start unravelling everything that you aren’t find out who you truly are. That means diving deep into your beliefs, stories, habits and behaviours which no longer serve you. These limit you and stop you from becoming your authentic self

(Did you know that my background is in clinical and cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP and mindset mentoring? You’re in safe hands!)


Learn how to increase self trust, self belief and intuition instantly. Embrace your personal power. When we have spent any amount of time living inauthentically and ignoring our inner voices, we need to spend some time on reconnecting back to our trust and belief. Not just in us, but in life itself.

This pillar is just as important as the other 3, as without strengthening your trust and belief muscle, self doubt, resistance and fear will always be in the driving seat.


This program is not just teaching and learning. It’s also about implementation and embodiment. What use is knowledge without doing anything with it? Most of us have a wealth of knowledge, yet sit with it and wonder why nothing changes.

So, our final pillar in awakening is learning how to, practically, embody and become that soul fed woman. We’ll do this through mindset technique, embodiment practices and rituals.

Over 12 weeks, we will explore a new aspect of uncovering the real and authentic version of you through the gateways of becoming soul fed.

The pace is comfortable and not rushed.


It’s impossible to know who you truly are UNTIL we can get clear and focused on what it is that you want to change. What areas of your life? What aspects fo yourself? What habits and behaviours? What beliefs and stories?

This isn’t creating a vision board by the way, this is about taking a snapshot of where you are, with honesty, in order for us to build upon over the rest of the journey. I’ll teach you a way of getting to your truth instantly, even if you don’t believe you know who you are or what you want!


Ever feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start?? Juggling EVERYTHING and then some?

In this gateway, you will:

  • Go from that state of overwhelm to feeling focused, calm and relaxed
  • Learn to reduce anxiety instantly
  • Discover a way of connecting to yourself so overwhelm disappears
  • Address some of your own overwhelm and get the tools to change it all
  • Discover 2 of the most powerful techniques which help eradicate overwhelm instantly


Honoring and connecting to the divine feminine is an act of worship and one which many women neglect or completely ignore

In this gateway, you will:

  • Identify the parts of your divine and sacred feminine which have been neglected
  • Learn how honoring yourself is vital to become a soul fed woman
  • Discover a way of connecting to your creativity which may be unexpressed at the moment
  • Find new ways of embracing your sacred feminine (and that isn’t necessarily heels and lipstick)
  • Explore the connection between divine and sacred feminine with abundance, creation and sensuality


One of the biggest beliefs which hungry souls hold is that they are not enough.

In this gateway, you will:

  • Identify the beliefs which you hold regarding your perception of who you think you are (and where that came from)
  • Learn why listening to your ego can be good and sometimes can be bad
  • Discover a way of increasing your self esteem immediately
  • Explore the mindset techniques which allow you to tap into the energy of enough (while really feeling it!)
  • Find and create new beliefs about you as a soul fed woman and fully awakened soul


Self compassion is an underutilized tool. Society teaches us that our self worth is only as good as our success, bank account, car or weight. Let’s shatter that illusion right away

In this gateway, you will:

  • Identify how to shift from self-criticism into self-compassion with ease
  • Learn why unconditional love is at the centre of being a soul fed woman
  • Discover unorthodox ways of sprinkling more love into your life
  • Understand why giving yourself permission to pause feeds your soul
  • Explore the myths around self love and how a modern day soul fed woman can navigate this conversation


Do you often bite your tongue? Mutter under your breath? Swallow anger, hurt and other stuff?

In this gateway, you will:

  • Identify the reasons why it’s not safe for you to speak your truth
  • Learn how to discover your true and authentic self
  • Discover a way of expressing yourself which leaves you feeling empowered
  • Find new ways feeling comfortable and confident to express and say what you need to
  • Explore the connection between authentic self expression and your current reality (clue: unexpressed things cannot manifest!)


All of us have an inner council which will direct and guide us towards what we need and what steps to take.

In this gateway, you will:

  • Develop self trust in a way which is so simple
  • Learn how to honor and listen to your intuition
  • Discover a way of connecting to your inner voice and intuition to create a happy and joyful life
  • Understand why your inner council is the CEO of your life and requires daily meetings
  • Explore the connection between intuition, self trust and your reality


Do you feel supported? And I mean on a huge scale? That there is a reason for everything and everything falls into place?

In this gateway, you will:

  • Identify why creating a deep connection with ourselves, creates a deeper connection with a larger life force
  • Learn how to trust the Universe does indeed support you
  • Explore why and how everything is connected at a fundamental level
  • Discover how to increase serenity, joy, and deep peace in your life
  • Explore the connection between gratitude, faith and trust and why lack of these will lead to fear and anxiety

I thought long and hard about what I wanted this experience to FEEL like and based on that, here is what I’ve come up with.

I have to say that I am so EXCITED at the energy and the vision of this container and I know that any woman who steps into this is going to have a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!


You’ll get invited to join me in circle to help you further along your journey. Got a question? Want extra guidance? Feeling confused or unsure about something which has come up for you? That’s exactly what these calls are for. If you can’t make them live, don’t worry, you will be sent the replay within 24 hours.



(VALUED AT £150)

You’ve heard people talking about the moon haven’t you, yet never really known what all the fuss is about? Well over the 12 weeks together, I will take you through two sacred moon ceremonies to help you manifest and let go of all the things under a full moon and new moon



Containing powerful never-heard-before visualisations to help you reinforce and magnify The Awakened Soul journey

  • You are hungry for more out of life
  • You want to have the confidence to express yourself, say what you want without fear of being judged, ignored or people no longer liking you
  • In fact you no longer want to care what other people think of you!!
  • You are curious about the ‘woo woo’ maybe already having bought some angel cards, read some books or simply believe that there must be a higher power
  • You love the idea of being a part of something special, with other women supporting and gathering to help and assist each other
  • You want to feel alive
  • You want to feel and experience freedom in your life and body
  • You desire to jump out of bed and feel excited at the day ahead rather than dreading the same old, same old
  • You are willing to take responsibility for your own life


£399 OR £89/MONTH X 5

How much time will I need to put aside for this?

It really depends on you. I have created this with the intention that it will not overwhelm and you won’t feel like you are falling behind. The pace will be relaxed yet powerful with plenty of time to digest, practice and implement what we are doing. If you could set aside a couple of hours per week, that would be plenty.

What makes this program different?

You can learn and study as much as you like about anything these days, which is wonderful, but nothing compares to a real life group with the support and ‘accountability’ of a mentor. The way I have put this journey together though, is really to condense and simplify something which could be as complicated and intricate as we wish. Spirituality is a huge topic, femininity is a huge topic, mindset is a huge topic! I’m a big believer that we can choose simple over complicated, so that is what I have done. If you want to find everything you need to start unblocking yourself, your happiness and your fun in your own life, then join The Awakened Soul

How do I know if I'm ready for this?

What are you waiting for? The right time? The right moment? The right alignment with the planets? (you know what I mean)

I get it, I used to be the one who always waited for the ‘right time’ and by doing so missed out on things which would have made my life more fulfilled and soul fed. Here’s the thing, when we don’t believe we are ready, what we are really saying is that we don’t TRUST…the process, the moment, the plan, ourselves. And at the core of The Awakened Soul is learning to TRUST in all of those things. If you feel called to join, then do so!

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