Soul Fed Woman is a global movement, founded by Rachel Foy, which is committed and dedicated to empowering women to stop fighting food and take their power back so they can permanently overcome food and weight obsession by creating the life they are hungry for and awakening their soul fed woman.

Our vision is to empower one million women across the globe to free themselves from food obsession, body hatred and dieting through our free trainings, programs, mentoring and live events.

We envisage a world where these woman find their voice, they speak their truth and they own who they are unapologetically whilst turning their backs on the weight loss industry and walking away from diet culture, creating a ripple effect across the globe.

There is no force more powerful than a woman who has found her FREEDOM

Rachel Foy is an eating psychology mindset mentor, clinical hypnotherapist, author of ‘The Hungry Soul’ and the founder of the Soul Fed Woman.¬†She empowers female go getters to stop fighting food and quieten their inner gremlin by taking their power back, creating the life they are hungry for, and awakening their soul fed woman. Rachel struggled with food and weight obsession, binge eating, exercise addiction and chronic dieting for 14 years and it’s through her own journey of finding her freedom from it all which inspires her to empower other women across the globe

Rachel believes that when a woman relearns to listen to her inner wisdom and awakens her soul fed woman, she can ditch perfectionism, dissolve fear and reconnect to her intuition + self trust allowing her to live a full up life where food is no longer in control

Much like a perfectly baked carrot cake (her other passion), Rachel’s 10 years of professional experience is carefully mixed with therapy, psychology and neuroscience with a generous dollop of modern spirituality to allow her clients the greatest level of transformation and freedom

Rachel offers mentoring, group journeys, live events and one day experiences to any woman who is ready to embark on her own journey of regaining her power and awakening her own Soul Fed Woman through the platform of Soul Fed Woman


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