The Soul Fed Woman is an online community for ambitious, driven + high achieving women who, despite their successes, feel that something is missing.

They no longer know who they are and how they fit into their own lives, often numbing out with food, sugar, alcohol and other behaviors. Yet to the outside world they have it all. But to them they feel exhausted of the hamster wheel which life has turned in to.

It’s time for them to wake up so they are no longer missing in their own lives

Their soul is hungry for so much more


❥ someone to everyone and have lost yourself along the way?

❥ trapped in the ‘work hard/burn out’ cycle and never feel like you are making progress as quickly as you desire?

❥ unable to make yourself a priority and therefore push yourself to the back of the queue all the time?

❥ stuck in the belief of ‘I’ll be happier when….’ (I’m slimmer, wealthier, more successful and so on….)?

❥ often doubting and questioning yourself as you don’t trust your intuition?

❥ craving so much MORE out of life but can’t see how that’s possible without more overwhelm, stress or being shackled to your desk?

If you can relate, we hear you!

Here at the Soul Fed Woman, we support, guide and help you to put an end to the overwhelm, create space in your life for YOU (whilst growing a successful business), reconnect to YOUR truth and unapologetically create a life which truly lights you up.

Allowing you to remove the obstacles which are preventing you from being soul fed

As women we are often taught we can’t have it all.

Not true.

A Soul Fed Woman can have whatever she desires with ease and grace.

Our mission is to empower one million women across the globe through our free trainings, programs, mentoring and live events so they can give themselves permission to shine their light brightly, impact the world and let go of all the obstacles which have prevented them being Soul Fed Women.

We envisage a world where these woman find their voice, they speak their truth and they own who they are unapologetically, creating a ripple effect across the globe.

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

Hi gorgeous soul. I’m Rachel, the founder of The Soul Fed Woman and welcome to our sacred space on the internet

I’m so honored that you are here. In amongst the noise of the internet, you have found yourself here for a reason. No such thing as coincidence. Everything is divine timing.

So who am I? Well I’m a Soul Work Teacher + Spiritual Mentor. Cake and coffee lover. Obsessed about all things hot pink. And sparkles. I’m an empathetic and intuitive soul who brings spirituality into my life on a daily basis whilst being a certified therapist with 10+ years experience.  I struggled merging everything I loved for a while (and lost my way in the process) but now I’ve created my own way of being and doing me. As a result I have a growing business which I adore, a life I am ridiculously grateful for and 2 little ones (3 including my husband!)

I’m not your typical spiritual teacher. You’ll find me in heels and red lipstick most of the time and you wouldn’t catch me dead in a kaftan. I’m a skinny jeans kind of woman. I’m not vegetarian, I struggle to meditate more than 3 days in a row and I’ve only tried yoga twice. It’s not my thing #sorrynotsorry


I’m a little unorthodox but that’s why I am so relatable. I’ve found a way of sprinkling spirituality and divine guidance in to my life in order to make space for myself without needing hours every day to meditate, journal or run through crazy rituals based on the moon cycles!

Let’s face it, time is precious. Most of mine is spent working with clients, growing my business, drinking real coffee and eating cake all whilst juggling the demands of being a mummy (tidying, moving things, cleaning, tidying, driving, washing, moving again, you get the gist) and I’m guessing your life is similar too.

No drinking out of coconuts on a beach for me, if I get to finish a cup of coffee before it goes cold it’s a major celebration!

I created this safe space to support and guide you

To help you realize, recognize and believe that you are enough.

It’s time to let go of the overwhelm and stop the plate spinning gorgeous.

Let us help you start discovering that you have all the answers and guidance within you to create balance in your life.

Listen to your Soul Fed Woman and she will show you the way.

The Soul Fed Woman was never my intention to create.

Nor was she my intention to discover.

She chose me.


At the end of 2016, I found myself in a really challenging time with my work, my business, my message and my life.



I worked with coaches. I had spiritual readings. I read self help books. I dusted off my oracle cards. I thought the answers would be found in the bottom of a wine bottle or a family sized bar of chocolate. Wrong again. I had a desperate craving for something but I was unsure what that was.

Then one evening, late in October, everything changed.

I was sat on the floor of my office, pen in hand about to journal (again) knowing that I was either on the verge of losing it (“it” being my mind) or I was about to have a major breakthrough. Things had been bubbling for a while.

What I didn’t expect was what happened.

As the tears poured down my face and I just surrendered to feeling how I did, I asked for help. I asked for guidance. I asked for support. I asked for clarity. I don’t remember much of the rest of that evening, other than going to bed with a banging headache.

I was guided to The Soul Fed Woman.

My Soul Fed Woman at first.

But later into something much much bigger than me.


Several months of feeding my own Soul Fed Woman ensued. I changed things in my business. I course corrected some of my behaviors. I got super clear on who I was and what I wanted out of life. And I sketched out a program called ‘The Soul Fed Woman’ to help teach other women what I had discovered. As my soul became fed, my business grew, I had the largest financial months of the year and my dream clients just appeared. But more importantly, I had found myself again.

Within a short space of time, The Soul Fed Woman began taking on an identity and powerful energy of her own, and I realized that this was destined to be more than just a ‘program’. So here she is

This is a platform. This is a global network.

This is a sacred space which brings women together and unites them in recognizing and owning their greatness.

We aren’t competitors. We are sisters. Soul sisters.

We are all the same. We all have the same struggles. The same hang ups. The same insecurities. The same doubts. The same desires. The same challenges.

And the same dreams and visions for ourselves.

And that is what THIS is all about.

The world needs change makers, now more than ever. And yes, I’m talking to YOU!

Yet in order to shine your light brighter than ever before, we all have to step into our truth.

Find it. Own it. Speak it. Unapologetically.

Let go of the obstacles which have so far held us back.

Get rid of the beliefs around who we think we are and what we are capable of having and doing and receiving.

It’s all an illusion. An elaborate and convincing fairy story.


The overwhelm. The unsettled feeling. The need to control and ‘do’ all the time. The packets of biscuits and bottles of wine most evenings.

That’s her……..

She’s rising within you.

Can you hear her?

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