3 Things About 'Starting Over' Every Monday

3 things I’ve learnt about ‘starting over again’ every Monday with your diet

MONDAY. The start of a new week. And the start of a new attempt at being good on your diet, right?

It wasn’t that long ago that Monday’s used to fill me with dread. Partly as I was working in a job which was stifling my soul (that’s another story) but mainly as I was psyching myself up to get back on the diet wagon. It was all or nothing with me for 14 years.

Either being extremely ‘good’ with food (and with good I mean restricted and controlled where my life was on hold as I had pressed pause on living) OR I was inhaling the contents of the kitchen cupboards.

Or the the supermarket trips where I would buy whatever I could to binge on.

In preparation for MONDAY when I would ‘start over again’. And guess what. I ‘started over again’ more times than I care to acknowledge over the 14 years I was obsessed about food and my weight. So here’s what I want to share with you if today, like so many women, you too have decided to ‘start over’ with your diet.

1. Get off the diet wagon

You can only start over and get back on when there is something which you are following in the first place. So the first thing I need to say is get off the bloody diet wagon! The mentality of starting over is about following the rules as accurately as you can based on whatever plan you are following. Step away from the diets, stop following the rules and start taking your power back

2. What’s your motivation?

Starting over is about following the food rules which are there for what reason? To help you lose weight, right? (or so you believe) So what beliefs and stories do you have about weight loss and why it’s something you want or need? What do you believe will happen when you are 10lbs lighter? What do you think will be the result of dropping 2 dress sizes?

For the majority we believe that unicorns, rainbows, glitter and the key to the happy life door will be handed to us on a silver tray once we reach our ‘goal weight’…….or at least we will feel happier, more confident and life will be better.

You know what I’ve learnt?

That’s a load of BS.

That’s a fabrication and a lie which diet culture has been feeding you for years, that slimness = happiness.

Yet here’s the truth. If right now you are unable to accept, like and appreciate yourself, you won’t be able to do the same when you are your goal weight. You won’t magically reach an arbitrary number on a scale and be like ‘awesome, I now know that I am enough, I am worthy, I am wonderful and I am deserving of my own love and kindness’

Changing the outside will NOT change the inside and how you REALLY feel about yourself. Self esteem, self worth and self confidence will not improve by manipulating your body to change size and shape. That’s an inside job.

3. All or nothing doesn’t serve you

THIS was huge for me. The ‘all or nothing’ approach to eating. Hidden beneath that way of thinking and behaving is a need and desire to be perfect. To do everything perfectly.

Perfectionism WILL cripple you if you allow it to. It will prevent you from being in flow with life. We are all perfectly imperfect and trying to eat ‘perfectly’ is an optical illusion which is also never achievable as it doesn’t exist. Ok, perhaps it can be created to look like it exists (take a look on instagram at food feeds), but at what cost? Food obsession? Compulsive food thoughts? Guilt? Anxiety? Fear?

I’d rather choose living over that any day.

Striving for a perfect body, a perfect life and a perfect anything is going to set you up for feeling like you failed or constant feelings of inadequacy. Stop aiming for perfect.

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